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Download Social Media Blueprint By Nate Armstrong

How to Land Real Estate Deals Using Social Media
Proven Methods Work Everywhere, including Untapped, Uncrowded, Unknown Markets

  • Get consistent warm-hot inbound leads from people who WANT your help! No awkward cold calling!
  • The 17 outside the box offers mainstream real estate investors overlook. Proven to decrease rejections.
  • Discover the automation tools and workflows that will change your business and life forever!

♦ Book A Cost-Saving Marketing Strategy Session
Our marketing strategist will customize a marketing plan specific to your market. You’ll come out of this session with an inbound marketing strategy designed to save you as much as 30% on your marketing costs.

Our marketing strategists have limited availability, so please schedule your marketing strategy session today.

♦ Heart Centered Real Estate Investing and Marketing

  • Time-tested
    Marketing and growth strategies work in any economy.
  • Universal Wins
    How to design deals where every player comes out ahead. Nobody loses in a heart-centered real estate investing business.
  • Predictable, Scalable Growth
    Inbound leads that you can turn on and off like a faucet (or firehose when you’re ready)!

Realtor or investor, this is vital for increasing leads. For those of us who can increase lead gen effectively, some fortunes are made. Our business has doubled and is going to get much bigger. We’re adding people to the team.
-Jay T

Build a Business
Around Your Life
(You’ll Never Need to Build Your Life Around Your Business Again)

Embrace the inbound marketing strategies and automation tools
that free up your time and save your money.

⇒ Here’s what to expect on your cost-savings marketing strategy session:

1. Evaluate
We’ll discuss where you’re at in your real estate investing business. How are you marketing right now and is this getting the results you need to hit your goals?

2. Money-Saving Inbound Marketing Plan
Based on your answers, we’ll design an inbound marketing plan that’s customized for your area. Inbound marketing plans are drastically less expensive and MORE effective than outbound.

3. Implement and Automate
Deploy these marketing strategies and watch new leads come in. Automation tools make it easy to nurture leads and manage deal flow. Lather, rinse, repeat, grow.

♦ There’s a New Way to Create a Real Estate Investing Business
The old way of marketing is expensive and ineffective.

And it’s inauthentic too. When you learn how to market your investing business on social media, you can show your true self. People respond to your ad feeling like they already know, like and trust you.

Imagine what would it feel like to know that you’re actually helping people at a time when they need it the most? To know that every deal you work on is profitable for you AND the seller.

We don’t just teach marketing.

We teach you how to operate an ethical and heart centered real estate investment business. Sure, there are some uber-rich people who teach real estate investing the “old way.” But unethical, sleazeball tactics result in stress and sleepless nights. We don’t want that for you.

It’s possible to build and grow a profitable, ethical real estate investing business.

We’ll show you how.

⇒ We Work With . . .

  • Experienced real estate investors
  • Rookie real estate investors
  • Marketing professionals who work with REI’s
  • People who want to grow an ethical, heart-centered business that gives them the freedom to live their best lives
  • People who invest in themselves and their businesses

Take the first step towards growing your REI business by scheduling your no-obligation strategy session today.

It’s working. The leads are coming in. Excited to see how things are going. We’re scaling back on outbound marketing and moving to just doing inbound.
-Lianna A


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