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Mutesix – Email Marketing Masterclass Review

With Klaviyo email marketing, you can convert users who are now in the consideration phase – ready to buy – into purchases. Conversions means more leads, more clicks and more cash flow into your business.
Ecommerce email marketing with Klaviyo.

There’s no other segmentation and automation email provider out there, fit for ecommerce, that can get you profitable one-to-one email segmentation like Klaviyo.

Once you learn and apply email marketing with Klaviyo, you’ll benefit from…
  • A powerful platform that easily integrates with Shopify and Facebook.

  • List growth with increased engagement.

  • Higher conversions that results in lower cart abandonment.

  • Repeat customers waiting to hear from you.

And for a business owner, what does that feel like?

  • Funders start to pay attention.

  • Your fulfillment operation scales.

  • Bigger ideas materialize.

  • Your business creates significant meaning for customers.

Sales and profit through other traffic channels are now exciting.
It’s all a reality with ecommerce email marketing and Klaviyo.
Klaviyo isn’t a secret. It’s available for anyone at any time… yet how you leverage this powerful platform and the strategies you implement is what differentiates your business from your competition.
Once dynamic email marketing is in place with Klaviyo, email can work for you on auto-pilot, monetizing the back end of your traffic sources.
This is possible without recreating the wheel, without wasting your time testing iteration after iteration, and without flooding your inbox with emails from your competitors just so you can try to catch up with their strategies.

Fortunately for you, the email team here at MuteSix has already done the heavy lifting for you so you can avoid experimenting with various email marketing systems and start increasing your ecommerce sales.\\

So let’s recap, by the end of your time inside The Klaviyo Email Marketing Masterclass:
  • #1 You can increase your repeat customers and lower your churn rate.

  • #2 You can grow your ecommerce sales and monetize on the back end of your traffic sources.

  • #3 You can engage AND convert your list and have a strategy that has the potential to increase your revenue 2 to 4X.

  • #4 You can have an automation execution plan, without having to blindly test or lose massive amounts of subscribers.

  • #5 You can decrease cart abandoned rate by up to 20%.

  • #6 You can increase open and click rates.

  • #7 Once you have profitable email automation, you can start to execute on bigger ideas that have laid dormant!

If you’re ready to join an elite group of email marketers and create a proven email marketing system for your business.‍Here’s how we’ll get you there….

Strategies taught by MuteSix to create a profitable email marketing system for your ecommerce business with the power of Klaviyo.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Maximize promotion strategies that create profit.
    (without cheapening your brand)

  • Execute the top profit-generating automation flows.
    (so you spend less time recreating the wheel and more time increasing sales)

  • Create powerful email campaigns.
    (perfect for creating strategic, systematic emails)

  • Curate a powerful and engaged list.
    (so you can lower your unsubscribe rate and increase revenue)

  • Create powerful email campaigns.
    (perfect for creating strategic, systematic emails)

Sales Page: https://learn.mutesix.com/klaviyo-email-marketing-masterclass


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