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To: Frustrated, Struggling Beginner
From: The Desk of Mosh Bari, 7 Figure Per Year Online Business Owner

Do you know what is the ONE thing that everyone on this planet has exactly the same?
It’s TIME – yes everyone has just 24 hours in a day.
Yet there are people I know who make 100s of 1000s of dollars in the same 24 hours.

While others I know can only make a few bucks.

Its about using YOUR TIME in the best possible way to make the most money you can.
And the FACT of life is – you cannot earn back time you have lost.
So you NEED TO make the most of it, every single day.

So I Gave Myself a Challenge…
I asked myself – What if I had just 1 hour per day to work on my business?

What would I do to make money?
What would I do to get traffic?
What would I do to earn passive income?

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