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Better Than a Bad Boy

How to effortlessly make women feel a deep attraction and desire for you.

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Most guys never get taught what women are truly looking for when it comes to dating, sex and relationships and end up falling short of being what women refer to as a real man.

A guy’s insecurity and confusion about what it really means to be a man often leads to him being rejected or dumped, even though he is a good guy and had good intentions with the woman.

The Better Than a Bad Boy techniques make a woman see that you are one of the rare real men that she has been desperately looking for.When in a relationship, the Better Than a Bad Boy approach ensures that a woman never feels the urge to leave you because she knows that other guys simply don’t compare to you.

She knows that it would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for her to find another man who makes her feel the way you do. As a result, she is committed to the relationship and to being the best woman she can be for you.

Here are just SOME of the amazing things you will learn when you watch Better Than a Bad Boy:

Pass a woman’s tests with ease: Today’s women are more challenging, confident and independent than women of previous generations. To find a man who is more confident than they are, women have to test men to see how much of a man they really are. If you can’t pass a woman’s tests, you’ll make her feel as though she is ber/tougher than you and it will turn her off at a deep level.

Supreme sexual confidence: You cannot be what women refer to as a “real man” if you’re not sexually confident. In this program, you’ll go through the mental transformations required to be truly sexually confident. You will also learn how to treat a woman during the lead up to sex and during sex to demonstrate your supreme sexual confidence. She’ll love you like you’ve never experienced before. Note: These techniques work even if you have plenty, little or no sexual experience at all.

Sexual charisma: Powerful, transformational techniques that will turn you into a sexually charismatic, sexually confident and sexually attractive man. These techniques change everything. Your whole game is about to change. You will have never, ever experienced anything quite like it. These techniques are the shortcut to experience the mastery level of success with women. You will finally get to experience what it’s like to be a master with women; to be the type of man that women go “weak at the knees” over and want to have sex with immediately.

Deep attraction, love and respect: Most guys can’t really capture a woman’s heart. They might have plenty of sex and good times in the early part of a relationship, but once the novelty wears off the woman’s attraction, love, respect and interest begins to fade. In this program, you will learn how to capture a woman’s heart at the deepest level and cause her to feel the deepest level of attraction, respect and love for you possible.

Mastery level flirting examples: Watch and listen as I demonstrate the mastery level flirting techniques that turn women on at a deep and exciting level. These flirting techniques will make women refer you to as charming and sexy and if you use them when talking to groups of women, you will notice that they compete with each other for your attention.

Mastery level confidence techniques: Most guys know the basics when it comes to confidence and as a result, they only ever feel a “bit confident” or feel confident in some situations, but not all. In Better Than a Bad Boy, you will learn new, mastery level mindsets that unlock more of your confidence and allow you to connect with a powerful kind of confidence that NEVER goes away.

Mastery level conversation techniques: To be successful with very attractive women or women who play hard to get, you need to know how to dominate the woman during the conversation and “show her who’s boss” so to speak. It’s not done in an aggressive way, but in a savvy, confident and assertive way while still being the good guy that you are. When women feel your strength during challenging conversations and moments with them, they won’t be able to stop themselves from feeling a deep attraction and beginning to fall for you.

Mastery level transformations: A lot of guys who begin learning how to be successful with women never really get to the mastery level. They stop many levels short and wonder why they aren’t experiencing the kind of success that everyone else seems to talk about. As you watch Better Than a Bad Boy, you will feel yourself going through the final “mental transformations” required to reach a mastery level understanding of this. From there, it’s all smooth sailing and you will find success with women to be one of the easiest things in the world.

No more awkward feelings during interactions: Some guys can approach women and start conversations, but they can’t stop themselves from feeling nervous and awkward during the interaction. Prepare to say goodbye to all that unnecessary nervousness and awkwardness and say hello to feeling confident, comfortable and totally in control.

Core mindsets of a real man: What differentiates a “run of the mill” man from a “real man”? How does a “real man” think when it comes to approaching women, talking to women, flirting with women, having sex with women, etc? What does he focus on in life? Where does he get his passion, drive and determination? What defines him? How do women instantly know that he is a real man?

Managing multiple relationships: These techniques will allow you to have one girlfriend or many at once. I explain how I manage the conversations and challenging moments while having multiple girlfriends, so my girlfriends fall further in love rather than getting upset and leaving.

Masculinity and being a real man: Get an in-depth education on how to be the type of man that other men respect and that women desperately want to be with.

Lifetime solution for success with women: The principles, techniques and strategies will help you throughout your entire life. They apply to your success with women from the very first conversation and all the way throughout an entire, lifetime relationship.

Your ideal life: So many guy have so much potential, but they waste their years being afraid to go after what they truly want in life and with women. In Better Than a Bad Boy, you will connect with your truest, deepest desires about life and women and begin taking exciting, life-changing steps towards success.

Your life purpose: Do you know what your life is about? Do you have dreams of becoming something or achieving something big, but are holding back out of fear or lack of clarity on how to make it happen? In Better Than a Bad Boy, we’ll go deep into your mind to find out your true purpose in life and then give you the tools, steps, techniques and mindsets to make it happen.

Different types of men and consequences: There are negative consequences for living your life as a nervous nice guy, just as there are negative consequences for being a bad boy. Discover the most effective type of man to be and enjoy happiness and easy success in all areas of your life.

Make a woman feel like a woman: These days, most guys suppress their masculinity and are confused about how manly they should behave around women. Since today’s women have become so confident and independent, men often don’t know how to behave around them and make them feel like a real woman. When you use the techniques from this program, you will be like a breath of fresh air to a woman; she will welcome you with open arms because you are the real man she’s been looking for all along.

Sex on the first date: What to say and do so a woman will become turned on and eagerly want to have sex with you on the first date.

Sex on the first night: Examples of how I pull one night stands, which then turn into relationships. Discover the techniques that I mastered and perfected over the last 7 years that have allowed me to consistently pull one night stands every time I go out with the intention to do so.

What women really want: Discover what women really want; the things that they simply cannot say publicly out of fear of being judged. Go deep into the female mind and understand what she really wants from you in terms of sex, conversation, love and relationship.

Make her never want to leave you: What is it about a man that makes a woman want to stick by his side for life? Discover the surprising, rarely-known secrets in this program. Unlike other men who often worry about their woman losing interest or leaving, you will experience the opposite – your woman will worry about you losing interest and she will continually and desperately try to please you.

Make your ex-girlfriends want you back now: Most guys who want their ex-girlfriend back had been dumped or cheated on because they weren’t enough of a man for her; They became too protective, needy or wimpy and she simply lost attraction and interest. The techniques in this program will show her that you truly have changed and if your love was real the first time around, she will be drawn right back to you for the reunion of a lifetime!

Turn women on without words: Discover the mastery level body language techniques that turn women on instantly. You will have to experience this to believe how amazing it is! Women simply cannot help themselves – they want you and they want you NOW! Think of it as your new secret weapon to have basically any woman you want.

Make your girlfriend/wife go “love mad” for you: Learn the mastery level conversation, body language, flirting and relationship techniques that cause a woman to fall deeper and deeper in love with you. She will never want to leave you.

Mental and emotional strength: Become tougher than you already are. The powerful masculine mindsets in this program will supercharge your strength and allow you to handle situations that others see as stressful or difficult with calm, control and everyday ease.

Simply irresistible: Discover how to be the type of man that women simply cannot resist. You won’t have to worry about trying to get girls to like you from now on – they will like you automatically and without you having to try.

Simply unforgettable: Be the type of man that a woman simply cannot forget or get over if you break up with them. If you have an ex-girlfriend that you want to get back, use these techniques and she will see the changes in you and feel compelled to give it a second chance. If you want to meet new women, these techniques will make women fall for you during the first conversation.

Instant attraction: The techniques in this program will get women attracted to you instantly. They will feel attracted to your body language, vibe, presence and masculinity. Then, when you talk with them, they will feel even more attraction as a result of your charm, flirting, humor, conversation and manly charm. Get ready to experience a whole new level of success with women. This is it.

Instant respect: Today’s women can be quite cruel and insensitive and if you approach them in the wrong way, they will sometimes openly disrespect you. When you use the techniques from Better Than a Bad Boy, women will instantly know that they are in the presence of a real man and they will show you respect. The respect will then deepen further as the interaction continues.

Better than a bad boy: Discover how to be the type of man that women refer to as a “Real Man.” Being a good guy or a nice guy is not enough; you also need to be b (mentally and emotionally) and have all of the powerful personality traits that are taught in this mastery level program.

The best comeback lines EVER: You know those tricky moments where women put you on the spot by saying something challenging? Well, if you’re like most guys you get tongue-tied in those moments and only think of great things to say AFTER the conversation has ended. You’re about to learn all of my best comeback lines that show women who’s boss and make them laugh hysterically.

Get women who were previously out of your league: It’s time to step up your game and get with the type of women you REALLY want. No more accepting second best, third best or worse – get what you really want. When you use the techniques from Better Than a Bad Boy, women who were previously out of your league will begin trying to impress YOU. Don’t think that’s possible for a guy like you? Try it and you will see that you had the power all along and just didn’t know it.

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