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About the course:

Mobile Marketing Masterclass – Designed to teach you the tools and techniques you need to master Mobile Marketing

What you’ll learn

  • OPPORTUNITY – we will look at the opportunities available to advertisers on mobile, and we will assess its full value
  • MOBILE SEARCH – We will then look into mobile search and highlight the differentiating factors between desktop and mobile
  • OPTIMISATION – We will then look at optimisation and the tactics and actions required to optimise your site for mobile
  • MOBILE ADVERTISING & MOBIE STRATEGY – Mobile advertising options will be presented and this will include, SMS, Proximity marketing, mobile coupons & M-Commerce
  • MOBILE APPS – We will also look into apps and determine if your business is indeed ready for an App
  • ANALYSIS, MEASUREMENT & THE FUTURE OF MOBILE – We will illustrate how you analyse your results including mobile conversion rates and app downloads


There are limited courses based on mobile advertising and the truth is it’s vey different to advertising on desktop.

There are many differentiating factors, for example;

1. You have a smaller screen size on mobile which means that your ads are designed and displayed completely different to how they would be on desktop.

2. Search engines display your ads, and select your organic search position in the search engine results page in a different way, for example; you could appear in position 1, on page 1 in google search on desktop, but appear in position 5 on page 1 on mobile. This is because for mobile, Google considers other factors to rank you on their search engine, therefore you have to ensure your SEO strategy is also tailored for mobile

3. Over 90 % of Social media audience’s use mobile over desktop

4. Consumer behaviour trends have changed

5. The user intent can also be different on mobile then on desktop

6. Finally, Mobile gives you 24/7 access to your consumers, thus giving you more opportunities to reach your audience

Therefore, this masterclass has been designed to teach you the tools and techniques you need to master mobile marketing;

  • We’ll show you how to get the best ROI for your mobile marketing efforts, whether for a B2B or B2C business
  • You’ll also learn how to use analytical tools to evaluate and assess your mobile marketing activities so you can optimise them for lead generation and customer engagement
  • We will provide you with web friendly solutions, insight and mobile trends of the future.

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