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When Was The Last Time You Learned How to Read?

Chances are, you’re asking this question out loud, in your head, right now.

You see, there’s an inner voice that comes out whenever you read… and it’s your voice.

Why does this happen?

Because it’s a habit you picked up when you were about six years old.

When you were in primary school and your teacher made you read aloud, you sounded out words and your teacher corrected you as you went along. Eventually, your teacher told you to read silently.

That’s when you took the out loud voice and turned it inward.

And that’s the last time you learned to read.

But the trouble is, your six year old self wasn’t taught to handle the information overload of today’s society.

Right now, your mind can only process as much information as you can read. And you can only read as fast as you can talk.

Which means, your rate of growth is much slower than it could be.

Traditional Education Has Stolen Your Brain’s Natural Talent

Once your childhood mind formed the traditional way of reading, it held onto that method of learning.

For years, your mind has believed it has a limit on its abilities… that you can be a “gifted” learner or not…

That you can’t change your IQ, or your reading speed, or your ability to learn and retain new information.

When in fact, traditional reading is the thief that’s locked your mind’s true abilities away.

But what if there’s a way to accelerate your reading speed and turn learning into your superpower?

Unlocking Your Mind’s Innate Ability

With all the information available today, our 6 year old reading skills just won’t cut it.

And if you’re a true student of personal growth, you’re likely already aware of the struggle to gain and retain new knowledge.

The stack of books on your desk… near your bedside… on the kitchen table…

All the learning you could want, and yet…

There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to learn it all.

If you want to be able to learn more, process information faster, retain more knowledge, and grow at a remarkable rate, you need to increase your reading speed.

Because once you enter the realm of speed reading, you’ll unlock an accelerated level of personal growth and turn learning into your superpower.

Make Super Reading Your Personal Superpower

Here’s what happens when you unleash your inner SuperReader…

  • Life unfolds at an astonishingly wonderful pace. You’re able to acquire new skills to enable success in any area that you desire… in mere minutes.
  • Want to get an edge in your professional life? You can finally take that course you bought.
  • Maybe you’re looking to spice up intimacy between you and your partner. Devour new techniques to try when you read the Kama Sutra faster than you can eat your lunch.
  • Or maybe you want to know exactly what’s going on with your finances, so you can create the financial wealth you’ve dreamed of.
  • Easily understand the secrets of financial investing — in a week or less.

Whatever you want to learn, you can consume knowledge 2x faster and increase your rate of personal growth by 50%.

This is what makes the Super Reading Quest so extraordinary. You’ll easily turn learning into your personal superpower: it harnesses science-backed tools and techniques from the world’s foremost learning coach to ignite your brain’s natural power.

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