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Inside You’ll Discover…

  • How You’ll Access DAILY Data of New business owners in multiple states… so that your lead-stream of the Most Motivated Future Clients You’ve Ever Seen will never run dry!
  • A sneaky way to (legally) hack into databases to find New Business Owners that have just created an LLC, Corp, Partnership … Literally within DAYS of when they signed the dotted line!
  • Use this secret CODE to trick Google into forking over Ready and Eager Brand New Business Leads…
  • A special way to set up automatic ‘Tickers’ that notify you instantly when a new business is about to have a Grand-Opening…
  • The 2 EASIEST Ways to contact them and create a “feeding frenzy” of possible clients…
  • A list of websites that you can easily use to be the FIRST in front of business owners…
  • Why the process being slightly tricky is actually VERY good. If your competition happens to stumble upon the same method, you can assume they’ll give up because they won’t know what to look for.
  • In many cases, you’ll access a downloadable PDF image of the business owners specific data which includes their mailing address, their email address, and/or their direct phone number!
  • How releasing the “The Search Engine + Sales Platform Combo” can add hundreds of new business leads and double or triple your sales.
  • How to use these ‘special scripts’ you’ll receive to make contact with new business leads…these are so good many will be eager to talk to you. (One of my top marketing buddies called them “award winning! but I dont know about that).
  • PLUS the WAY in which you should use the scripts is spelled out specifically…powerful to the max since they’ve been tested with these exact lead types.
  • How your email sequences cause people to (literally) lean in and read almost every word of your service offer.
  • An advertising tactic that can ramp your results through the roof. Its very simple and fast and will start sending you alerts about new businesses and ***.
  • You’ll Get Secret Weapon SWIPE #3 for those leads that don’t respond- they’ll be FORCED to read your previous messages! As a result… positive responses will begin to light up your inbox.
  • The Best Services I’ve Found To Offer New Business Owners…
  • The ONE service a shocking percent of New Business Owners will express interest in! (No, its not website design).


  • BONUS: The Best Services I’ve Found To Offer New Business Owners….2 of these services have very little competition and are almost completely hands-off. (Some consultants actually make a full-time living off just these.)
  • BONUS: All The Marketing Assets You’ll Need for Both Services! Digital Flyers, Postcards, and more! All designed to effectively explain your service and set you up in the Best Light!

You’ll enjoy casino-like “house odds” when competing against other consultants. You win and they lose.

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