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Howdy Fellow Business Consultant… I’m sure you know about the psychological trigger that make upsells so utterly effective.

In fact, so reliable is that trigger, McDonalds – probably the world’s most profitable hamburger chain – actually owes their profitability to the sheer power and reliability of upsells.

You see, when you order a burger, the profit from that only covers their overheads. But, when the clerk asks you if you want fries and a coke as well, and you say “Yes” – that puts them into profit.

So imagine YOU being able to take that same super-reliable, powerful psychological trigger – and turbo charge it to deliver leads like this to your bubbling over with joy future clients. 

Do you think that would help you stand head and shoulders above your competitors, whether other business owners or consultants, in the cut-throat world of lead generation?

It certainly has for me.

Hi… my name is Mike Paul and I enjoy a simple life without the usual J.O.B

But it wasn’t always like that, because, when I first started selling as a realtor, I struggled to get any leads at all.

In fact I was on the verge of giving up the business, simply because I saw no future in a business where I could not generate fresh leads on demand.

Then I came across those wise words, usually attributed to mathematical genius, Albert Einstein…



“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

That was a real ‘Road to Damascus’ moment for me, because – not only was I doing exactly that – all the other realtors were doing exactly the same too.

So, right at that moment, I resolved never again to follow the herd and, instead, take some time out to research new, more ingenious ways of generating leads that were different and far more effective, than anything anyone else was doing.

It worked like gangbusters

So well did my new methods work, I quickly made up for the time I’d taken out to research and devise my newer, smarter methods of lead generation.

What’s more, I quickly attracted the attention of other professionals – all struggling the same way I had struggled before my epiphany – eager to pay me to learn what I was doing differently to amass all these high quality leads.

Long story short, I eventually gave up working for someone else and instead became a  consultant, helping an array of business owners from many industries in my local area also desperate to generate new customers and leads for their business.

In addition, to serving the growing demand for my services in a wide range of businesses far beyond just real estate in my own area,  I became ‘The Consultant’s Consultant’…

… helping other business coaches and consultants in other areas by revealing my revolutionary techniques which they could then deploy them in their own areas.

But I never forgot Albert Einstein’s eye-opening concept

And so – because generating fresh leads is the lifeblood of every thriving business – my main focus now is on researching newer and better ways to generate leads.

It’s vital for any business to keep looking for fresh ways to generate new customers and leads, because, as soon as a new way of lead generation is created…

…it soon seeps out into the general marketing community and then a feeding frenzy takes place that soon dumps everyone back into that state of insanity Albert Einstein highlighted.

So, I’m exhausted, but proud, to unveil my latest – and what I firmly believe is my most effective lead generation technique yet!

My ‘Birthday Leads’ program…

Like all groundbreaking concepts, from the wheel onwards, this is a laughingly simply principle you’ll grasp in minutes. You can devour the 40 page field manual…

… and watch the short, straight to the point training videos in an afternoon and be ready to start your success wagon rolling the very next day.

My ‘Ah-Ha’ Moment

For years, I fought and fought against the notion that… “All marketers have to test and test”…

Like a dehydrated vagabond, scaling the Sahara – I dragged myself across the hot sand… with one hope backing me up.

I just knew there had to be a way to escape the ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ phase of online lead generation for clients.

Eventually, I just accepted it the way it was.  The masses won over me.  And I quit looking for a better way.  I told my clients … “we MUST test” before we find a sweet-spot for the leads to start flowing.” – And boy was that testing phase gonna be expensive for them…

It wasn’t until COVID hit in 2020.

I was licking my sores thinking this isn’t fair for local business! By this time, I had forgotten about my earlier failure to find a surefire way to get leads for local businesses without the ‘trial and error’ part.

But in the midst of my pity-party, I got a call from Brandon.  Another local consultant, Brandon whispered in the phone (I imagined his eyeballs batted back and forth – as if he was about to engage me in top secret heist of all heists)

This is what he said, “Mike, I put this ad up last night… didn’t think much of it… and this morning I woke up with barrel of LEADS!”

A Brief Synopsis…

“Wait, Brandon”… I said. “You mean to tell me you didn’t test audiences?  You didn’t test different ad text?… Did you test at all?!

“No, Man – I literally threw up the ad and today… BAM! Leads.

Brandon went on to explain what he stumbled upon.

See, what he did was so simple, yet so profound – It totally made sense.  It clicked.  And it will for you too!

Let me explain.

We as humans thrive on something called dopamine.

It’s a chemical our body produces to feel pleasure.  More often, dopamine is created when we feel good about ourselves.  When our EGO has been inflated in a round about way.

What Brandon did was tap into the customer’s dopamine levels by appealing to their EGO on their Special Day.  And everyone has one… Their Birthday!

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