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Passive Income Planning Girl does not talk about how to make money through Etsy.

We like using Etsy as a platform for launching and as a platform to create businesses that go beyond Etsy.

Our goal is helping you create your very personal “Customer Journey”.

The Customer Journey begins by introducing Your “Zone that Genius Planers” and progresses to offerings that let your customers achieve higher level of transformation.

It all starts with YOU.

It starts by accepting that you’re a genius, and then putting your skills to use all the way to.

If you design and create your products from this location, you will attract clients who will be enthralled for you and purchase everything you create.

This defines a genuine fan.

If you had 1000 real customers buy $100 worth of merchandise from you in the span of an entire year, you’d earn $100,000!

If they purchase $1,000 worth of goods from you it’s a million dollars business.

How do you get 1000 real followers? How can you create the $1000 worth of merchandise? How can you increase the size of your business planning company BEYOND Etsy?

This is the subject we’re trying to impart in this course.

Now is the time for you to unleash your power.

It’s the time to create with what you love.

This course will teach you how to create your customer journey into an expression of expressing your true self and what you truly love instead of trying to fit into an appropriate specific niche. It’s time to draw customers to WHO you truly are as an individual fully expressed. This is what creates an endless stream of raving followers.

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