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Selling with Integrity is the most complete, deep-dive online course I’ve written since I created the New Model of Selling over 26 years ago.

Replacing my previous course, it’s the ultimate in being able to double your sales in literally 90 days with integrity, authority, authenticity and without compromising your values.

It also produces more professional and personal life-changing results for you than anything I know of out there!

You’ll be able to easily tap into and apply the supporting behavioral neuroscience and psychology that is the foundation of  Natural Selling which I detail in my book – How To ‘Sell’ The Way People Buy!… Which is included with this course.

The Missing Ingredient

Selling with Integrity contains something that somehow every sales training course around the world fails to realize or mention…

The real reason why Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue has resonated with, and been so successful for thousands around the world…

Many of whom now making six and seven-figure commissions every year!

It’s an essential paradigm shift that will help you help more people and make you more sales you would otherwise have lost.

This transformative human approach to selling I created and have been using, training and coaching others for over 26 years now, has successfully scaled many of my client’s sales from $50,000 a year to over $300,000 a month. It can for you too!!

Here is one of them I personally trained and coached nearly 2 decades ago… Jeremy Miner of 7th Level and NEPQ…

First, you’ll take a deep dive into the essential Natural Selling mindset and intention based on the 5 Natural Selling Foundational Principles, and then…

How to programmatically apply them!

Crafting Your Own Personalized Scripting Guideline

You’ll get the exact cutting-edge Dialogue Framework with the 7 different types of Natural Selling Questions in the Discovery Stage that will allow you to craft your own Scripting Guideline that eliminates tension, friction and resistance…

What to ask, when to ask, why you ask and how to ask

And more importantly…

How to listen, what to listen for and how to respond

Everything you learn and use is easily transferable to any other product or service you choose to help people buy in the future.

It even includes what 95% of sales people don’t know;

How to let your leads want to willingly lean in and reveal their Unique Buying Blueprint with just 5 questions… Right at the beginning of your Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue, and…

Buy from you… Without resistance or tension.

In fact, it follows much of my personal one-on-one training and coaching format. And because this course is so complete, it’s my intention you won’t need me for that!

You’ll find, before you even get to the end of the course, how to have more potential buyers respond favorably as you make it easier for them to want to buy from you.

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