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DNA Academy Domain Name Investing

Learn to buy, sell, and invest in domain names like a pro

This course will teach you how to successfully invest in domain names using a proven learning program, methodology and toolset, and provide access to a community that supports investors at every stage of their unique domain name journey.

What Will You Learn?

Successfully valuing, buying and selling domain names can take years to master. With Domain Academy, you can accelerate your learning journey to only weeks.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Introduction to Domain Names

In this section, you will learn some technical aspects of what a domain name is, review a short history of domain names, and understand the foundational “nuts and bolts” of the domain industry. You will also learn the value of a brand and how supply and demand affect domain names.

Domain Name Keywords

The lessons in this section will teach you the different types of domain name keywords, including industry terminology. You will learn everything from generic keywords to brandables to acronyms to numerics. After this lesson, you will understand the foundational building blocks of what makes a domain name, as well as how to classify them.

Valuation Metrics

In this section, you will learn every type of metric that can cause the value of a domain name to increase or decrease. We go into detail on prefixes like “my” or “e,” when you want a singular versus plural, how simple word placement can ruin a domain, why search volume matters, how usage limitations can kill a domain name, and much more.

Valuation Tools

Which tools matter and which tools are a waste of time? We’ve analyzed all of them and recommend which ones are best for you. In this section, we will walk you through video tutorials of the most important aspects of each tool.

Domain Name Valuation Tutorials

If you can’t value domain names, then you’ll never be successful buying or selling domain names. In this section, we’ll walk you through — step-by-step — how to do domain name valuations of each type. You learn how even a slight variation can crash a domain’s value. Then you have an opportunity to practice your newfound skills.

Buying Domain Names

This section of the course is about the art of buying domain names. You will learn where, when, and how to buy domain names. We cover all of the marketplaces, industry standard tools and strategies involved — from creating a buyer’s profile all the way to buy-side negotiation tactics like anonymity and using a broker-buyer.

Selling Domain Names

Once you know what domains to buy, the next step is understanding how to sell them. This section teaches the Domain Academy 8×8 Sales Matrix© and focuses on both passive and active sales channels. We show you the right and wrong ways to sell your domains and recommend which marketplaces will provide the highest return on your investment.

Running Your Investing Business

With the skills to start a domain name investment company now under your belt — if you so choose — you’re ready for this final section of the course. Here we cover the basics of financial matters, such as P&L statements and cash flow, as well as provide a roadmap to get started in domain name investing. To ensure you avoid common pitfalls, we also include lessons on paying your business taxes and protecting your investments from frivolous UDRP actions.

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