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Start-Up Coaching-Training-Consulting by Michael Breen

“How To Create A Highly Successful Six Figure Coaching, Training Or Consultancy Business From Scratch… That Gives You The Freedom, Financial Rewards & Success You Desire… ”

Become An In Demand Coach, Trainer Or Consultant Using The Same Start-Up Strategies That Helped Build Not 1 But 3 Highly Successful 7 Figure Companies Including The Most Successful NLP Training Company In The World

Dear Reader,

Starting and building a highly successful business isn’t just for the uber elite.

Far from it.

With the right instruction you can build a highly successful business. The kind of business that generates six or seven figures and gives you the freedom to be your own boss where you can make the kind of income you want.

That’s where Start-Up CTC (Coach, Trainer or Consultant) comes in.

Start-Up CTC is a exciting business start-up system that teaches you how to start and build a highly successful coaching, training or consulting business (or rebuild the one you have) from scratch.

It’s based on the best of what veteran business builder Michael Breen has learned from over 30 years experience starting, building and running several multi-million pound professional service businesses in the areas of training, consulting and coaching.

Discovering what works and how to maximize the changes of success.

Along the way he learned that to start and build a successful coaching, training or consultancy business there are nine key things you must get right.

If you fail to do all nine, your business will almost certainly fail.

Yet when you get these nine areas right that I cover below, you dramatically increase the chances that you will create a highly successful, profitable business, one that allows you to create the income and impact while enjoying the independence and freedom you desire.

Why Learn Business Building Strategies From Michael Breen?

Start-Up Coaching-Training-Consulting

Before I outline the 9 key areas, let me quickly tell you a bit about why Michael Breen is someone worth learning business building from.

The most important reason is Michael has a proven track record. He’s built several multi-million pound businesses in the training, coaching and consultancy sectors.

  • He co-founded and built the largest and most successful NLP training organisation in the world. A business that generated millions in sales and during an 11 year period served over 22,000 customers and lead the field in transforming how NLP is taught today.
  • He co-founded and built a leading international consultancy business
    that served tier 1 Fortune 500 companies.
  • His consultancy and coaching businesses have designed and delivered global training and coaching programs for corporations across multiple industries around the globe.
  • His teams have pitched and won 7 figure global training contracts.
  • He’s coached and consulted to numerous start-ups, CEO’s and business leaders helping them radically increase performance and growth (for example from £30,000 a month in sales to over £3M in less than 1 year).
  • He’s consulted to companies to a huge arrange of companies including:
    • Barclays Bank
    • Smith Kline Beecham
    • British Airways
    • British Medical Association
    • HBOS
    • Mars
    • GGT
    • Morgan Stanley
    • BAE Systems
    • Ogilvy & Mather
    • Ogilvy One
    • American Express
    • Bank of Scotland
    • Jaguar
    • Rolls Royce
    • Ford
    • British Nuclear Fuels
    • Trust House Forte
    • Boehringer Ingelheim
    • HSBC
  • As a highly successful executive coach he has coached numerous celebrities, politicians, members of royalty and senior Fortune 500 executives

The bottom line is Michael has done it and during his 30 years in business he has learnt through hard experience the code and for building a successful training, consulting or coaching business.

In this program Michael will be passing on his knowledge and helping you develop the critical skills for starting up and building a highly successful business that gives a good income, the ability to make your own decisions and have the time and personal freedom you desire.

To do so you need to get 9 key areas right…

9 Key Areas You Must Get Right

(If You Want A Successful Business)

Building a successful, profitable business requires you get nine key start-up activities right.

These are.

1. Lock In The Right Entrepreneurial Attitudes For Success

2. Discover A Market Segment You Can Win With

3. Create A Winning Service Offering

4. Employ Powerful Sales & Marketing Processes That Really Work

5. Hire The Right People & Recruit The Right Partners

6. Cultivate The Right Focus & Commitment

7. Target & Do The Right Actions For Starting-up A Successful CTC Business

8. Leveraging The Power of Metrics To Ignite Growth

9. Employ The Right Industry Insights That Only The Pros Know

Do one or two and you’ll move forward in spurts but fail to build a successful business. Get all nine right and you’ll create a business that can go far and attract a great base of happy customers.

Unfortunately most new entrepreneurs fail to get more than one of these nine key areas right.

In Start-Up Coaching-Training-Consulting, Michael will teach you leading edge start-up strategies and business building secrets to dramatically increase your chances of creating a successful, profitable, cash-generating training, consulting or coaching business – faster than ever before.

11 In Depth Business Start-Up Training Modules That Guide You Step-By-Step In How To Create A Successful Coaching, Training Or Consultancy Business

Inside Start-Up CTC you’ll receive ELEVEN in depth business training modules that teach you the entire system for starting and building a successful coaching, training or consultancy business.

The entire course lasts 16 weeks.

Each module is delivered in both video and audio format, so you’ll be able to watch and follow along with Michael every step of the way.

The training ” Start-Up Coaching-Training-Consulting” starts with…

Module 1:Let Michael help you hardwire up the key attitudes for success.
Module 2:Bypass one of the biggest mistakes that most new start-up coach, trainers and consultant’s make.Discover a niche that you can win BIG with.
Module 3:Craft an offer they can’t refuse and learn how to figure out what customers want so you can grow your business faster.
Module 4:Discover powerful sales and marketing strategies that converts leads into loyal customers.
Module 5:Discover the secrets of hiring and outsourcing so you can stay focused on doing the things that your best at… and your business makes the most money from.
Module 6:Learn how to take your productivity to a whole new level with powerful strategies to ensure focus and action.
Module 7:Uncover which roles and actions you must target to ensure your business thrives.
Module 8:Understand and leverage the power of metrics to start and grow your business.Discover which numbers are most important for developing a lead flow of clients.
Module 9: Business Building Secrets For Building A Successful Coaching Company

Module 10:Find out what it takes to succeed and what pitfalls to overcome when creating a successful training business.
Module 11:Step behind the curtain of the consultancy business and learn what key factors to keep front of mind and what traps to avoid, should you choose to build a consultancy practice.

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