[Download] Melonie Dodaro – Cracking The LinkedIn Code 2.0 (2021)

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Here’s What You Get:

Module 1: To Crack the Code You’ve Got to Build the Foundation

  • introduces key concepts, best practices and etiquette (misuse Linkedln and you’ll discover the meaning of the word ‘pariah!*)
  • shows you a unique but effective way to identify your ideal client and focus everything towards finding that person
  • a short course on keywords and how they work differently on Linkedln than anywhere else on the Internet

Module 2: How Every Code Breaker Should Stand Out from the Crowd

  • how to write a compelling headline that gets you found in Unkedln’s powerful search engine but more important makes your prospects dick on your profile to leam more about you
  • the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of all the profile sections in your Linkedln profile and how to optimize them for maximum searchability and attract your ideal clients to you
  • how to attract new. high paying clients without any extra effort by having a client-focused and professional profile
  • what to say and how to say it in a way that resonates so closely to your ideal prospect they’ll instantly want to connect with you

Module 3: Now You Know the Code: Utilize Linkedln Features To Solve It

  •  how to use tags, reminders, the Contacts page and other features to create effective messaging sequences that keep you top of mind with your clients
  • how to keep your lead generation system organized so you know exactly who to follow up with and when
  • why Advanced Search is so effective and how to use it to narrow down your prospect search to those who are currently in the market for what you offer
  • the power of Linkedln Groups and how to successfully integrate yourself into the ones that matter most
  • Linkedln Premium: do you need it? The compelling cases for and against

Module 4: Using the Linkedln Code for Social Selling

  • what social selling is and how it’s different- and more effective – than traditional selling practices
  • how you can use social selling to fill your marketing funnel with qualified buyers who are able to say yes to your offer
  • secrets to growing your network quickly… efficiently… and easily
  • messages that matter: how to create them and when to send them
  • amazing message script templates that work: Melonie’s best advice on writing your own messages to connect with the people that matter in your niche

Module 5: Secrets Master Code Breakers Know: Content Sharing & Thought Leadership

  • the magic of content curation: sending relevant content to your best prospects… (hint – it’s not about writing it all yourself!)
  • the best (and worst) ways to share content – and where it gets noticed most
  • how to become a top contributor and why you want to
  • how to maximize Linkedln’s new publisher platform to grow a following faster than ever before and position yourself as a credible authority

Module 6: How to Use the Linkedln Code to Grow Your Business

  • your daily action plan: the actions you need to take each week and the secret to success on Linkedln
  • Turn your daily actions into an easy to follow checklist that keeps you on task and on target
  • track your lead generation results to find out what is working for you and what isn’t – fine tune your plan to work even better for you
  • how to send mass messages. You’ll discover some rare tricks to get your message in front of more prospects even faster using Linkedln’s mail features.- this is uber-sneaky stuff and will give you a significant advantage over your competitors
  • and much more!


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