[Download] Matti Haapoja – Cinematic Color Grading Course (2021)

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1. Color Theory and Tools – Exposure, Scopes, & Plugins

2. While Shooting – Frame Rate, Shutter, Aperture, etc.

3. Color Correcting – Process, Denoising, Exposure

4. Color Grading – LUTs, Process, & Extra Tips

5. Workflow

6. Examples – Lift Shadows, Day for Night, Multiple Cameras



It’s easier now more than ever to become a filmmaker— so one of the best ways you can differentiate yourself as a professional filmmaker is cinematic color grading.

In this course I reveal my professional cinematic color grade techniques. We will cover the entire color spectrum (pun intended) from theory, to settings, to editing.



Course Length: 1 hr 58 min

As your films look more professional you will be able to charge more for your work. Join me in this course and let’s get that cinematic color grade on your next film!


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