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Joe Holder is a nationally recognized master trainer and one of the most influential coaches in fitness and sports. Now he’s teaching you how to build the foundation for a lifetime of good health. With Joe’s holistic approach, you’ll learn how to work out for increased mobility and strength, maximize your nutrition, and build a positive mindset. Start achieving your health goals and living a more purposeful life.
1. Meet Your Instructor
Joe Holder is a former college football star, Nike Master Trainer, and GQ fitness specialist. Joe explains what he hopes you’ll get from his class: the knowledge to build the diet, fitness regimen, and mental outlook for your best self.
2. The Ocho System: Origins and Overview
Joe breaks down The Ocho System, his overarching fitness philosophy. It’s an approach to health and wellness that includes using positive thinking, food as fuel, and effective workouts to promote a healthy life.
3. Biomotor Skills: The Foundation of Physical Health
Building your biomotor skills—which include coordination, strength, endurance, and more—is the foundation for improving your personal health levels and achieving your fitness goals.
4. Mobility Workout
The mobility workout uses basic motions like squatting, twisting, pressing, and pulling in various directions to improve wellness. Joe explains what “tissue flossing” is and how it’s his secret to improved mobility.
5. Listen to Your Body: Data Is King
Joe outlines how data is key for understanding your body and achieving your wellness goals.
6. Working Out Smarter AND Harder
Joe explains how working out strategically—and with an athlete’s mindset—will give you the best results.
7. HIIT Workout
Experience the second of three workouts. Joe teaches you how this workout’s increased intensity advances you on your wellness journey.
8. The Ocho System Food 101: Eat Real, Eat Right
Joe walks you through his nutrition philosophy. Learn how to be more cognizant of what you eat and get more fresh, unprocessed foods in your diet.
9. Take Advantage of “Food Hacks”
Learn simple kitchen tricks to maximize the benefits of food and help you get the most out of what you eat.
10. Strength Workout
Joe demonstrates his strength workout, the most advanced and challenging of the three workouts he offers in his class.
11. The Importance of Proper Recovery
Explore Joe’s insights on recovery strategies, why they are important, and the value of feeling good when you work out.
12. Catalysts for Success
Quick tricks can make a huge difference in your journey. Joe shares ideas that will set you up to achieve success.

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