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A complete, no nonsense program for anyone wanting to experience Astral Travel or out-of-body-experiences as they are commonly known.

A unique feature of this book is that it comes with Mysticweb’s free online course in Astral Travel! This allows readers to follow the course in the book and online at the same time and get live answers to questions as they progress from week to week. This provides a valuable opportunity to explore the subject in depth simultaneously with thousands of other students.

This course makes out-of-body-experiences easy to understand and simple to experience. Readers will be taken step-by-step through exercises that teach how to develop concentration and conscious awareness, leave the physical body naturally and safely, navigate freely through the astral plane, protect oneself from negative influences, interpret astral and dream symbols, overcome obstacles that hinder success, and search into the hidden side of life.

NOTICE OF MISPRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER: The spelling of the author’s name in the book ‘Experiencing Astral Travel’ is wrong.

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