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Average Videographers Becoming The Real Deal

Learn How to Close High Paying Video Production

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video icon WATCH THIS FIRST (8:23)



video icon 2.2A Requesting Access to Client Facebook Pages (4:56)

video icon 3.1 Different Network Types. Get in front of business owners this week. (22:39)
video icon 5.6 Interview with Dawn Dantzler, Director of Marketing Tilson Homes (41:16)

Module 1. Videos That Business Will Pay Big Money For

video icon 1.1 Brand Message Videos (BMV) (9:35)

video icon 1.2 Testimonial Videos (12:56)
video icon 1.3 Promo Videos (10:12)
video icon 1.4 Sales Trifecta (10:17)
video icon 1.5 Educational Course Videos (9:29)
video icon 1.6 Phone Sales Person Introduction Videos (6:06)
video icon 1.7 Live Stream Multicast Videos (8:36)
video icon 1.8 Process and Procedure Videos (6:02)
video icon 1.9 Recruiting Videos (6:56)
video icon 1.10 Safety Videos (6:06)
video icon 1.11 Political Videos (5:11)
video icon 1.12 Compliance Videos (5:55)
video icon 1.13 Morale Videos (4:18)
video icon 1.14 Product Videos (6:02)

Module 2A. Facebook

video icon 2.1A Facebook Business Manager Overview & Setup (6:21)

video icon 2.2A Creating New Pages & Requesting Access to Client Facebook Pages (6:28)
video icon 2.3A Requesting Access to Client Ad Accounts & Creating New Ad Accounts (5:49)
video icon 2.4A Facebook Page Optimization (4:37)
video icon 2.5A Facebook Pixel Overview & Setup (7:02)
video icon 2.6A Ads Manager Intro (3:26)
video icon 2.7A Facebook Ad Type Overview (36:21)
video icon 2.8A Targeting, Placement and Budget (19:00)
video icon 2.9A Creative and Copy (18:20)
video icon 2.10A Creating Ad Sets Using Campaign Budget Optimization (10:35)
video icon 2.11A Testing to Find Winning Campaigns (16:00)
video icon 2.12A Creating & Understanding Custom Conversions (9:55)
video icon 2.13A Retargeting Funnel Walkthrough (11:27)
video icon 2.14A Must Have Apps (3:03)
video icon 2.15A Dealing With Facebook Support (5:45)
video icon 2.16A Start to Finish Ad Creation Walkthrough (17:44)
Module 2B. Instagram

video icon 2.1B Creating an Instagram Account (1:14)

video icon 2.2B Optimizing Your Page & Structuring Your Bio (4:29)
video icon 2.3B Switching to an Instagram Business Account (3:58)
video icon 2.4B Linking Your Instagram Page to Your Facebook Page & Cross Posting (2:57)
video icon 2.5B Strategic Content Creation (3:18)
video icon 2.6B Hashtag Research (3:02)
video icon 2.7B Instagram Stories (7:27)
text icon 2.8B Instagram Ads (coming soon!)
text icon 2.9B Analytics (coming soon!)
Module 2C. Google

video icon 2.1C Google My Business (15:10)

video icon 2.2C Google Analytics (10:38)
video icon 2.3C Google Ads Creation (27:46)
video icon 2.4C Google Ads Dashboard Overview (8:48)
video icon 2.5C Setting Up Your Google Retargeting Tag (Pixel) (4:24)
text icon 2.6C Creating Custom Audiences in Google (COMING SOON!)
Module 2D. YouTube

video icon 2.1D Basic YouTube Ads Manager Overview & Setup (6:07)

video icon 2.2D Linking YouTube to Your Google Retargeting Tag (2:24)
text icon 2.3D Advanced YouTube Ad Creation (COMING SOON!)
Module 2E. Snapchat

video icon 2.1E Snapchat Ads Manager Overview & Setup (6:48)

video icon 2.2E Snapchat Pixel Set Up (1:22)
text icon 2.3E Creating Custom Audiences & Retargeting in Snapchat (COMING SOON!)
Module 2F. Chat Bots

video icon 2.1F Chat Bot Setup Guide (Many Chat) (15:38)

Module 2G. Email Marketing

video icon 2.1G Mailchimp Overview (1:21)

video icon 2.2G Audience Creation (6:05)
video icon 2.3G Campaign Creation (Email Blasts) (8:47)
video icon 2.4G Campaign Creation (Automations & Flows) (7:42)
video icon 2.5G Campaign Reporting & Analytics (5:29)
video icon 2.6G Domain Authentication (4:34)
Module 2H. How To Audit a Prospect or Client’s Website & Advertising Strategy

video icon 2.1H How to Audit a Website (17:23)

video icon 2.2H How to Find & Audit Facebook Ads (7:24)
MODULE 3 Lead Generation Through Networking

video icon 3.1 DIFFERENT NETWORK TYPES (22:39)

video icon 3.2 Networking Tips and Tricks (7:28)
video icon 3.3 Fill Your Calendar Networking Opportunities (31:20)
Module 4 Online Lead Generation for your Business.

video icon 4.1 LinkedIn & Automated Prospecting (12:44)

video icon 4.2 Facebook & Facebook Groups (7:46)
video icon 4.3 Blogs & Vlogs (2:43)
video icon 4.4 Google (2:54)
Module 5 Business Owner Discovery Interview Library


video icon 5.1 Interview with Adam Gibson Co Owner of Energy and Telecommunications Partners (92:27)
video icon 5.2 Interview with Clint Rarey District Manager of TriSmart Solar (81:36)
video icon 5.3 Interview with Dan Schweiterman. Owner of Regard Jewelry (109:03)
video icon 5.4 Scott Morris, Senior Partner at Morris Injury Law (74:20)
video icon 5.5 Owner of the Arogya Center (84:35)
video icon 5.6 Interview with Eddie Esparza, Co Owner of HIT Athletic (78:55)
video icon 5.7 Interview with Dawn Dantzler, Director of Marketing Tilson Homes (115:51)
video icon 5.8 Interview with Mike Jarman, CEO of TurboPass (51:42)
audio icon 5.9 Interview with Doug Smith Owner of Jack’s Mountain
audio icon 5.10 Interview with Jack Grimm, Owner of Securimax
audio icon 5.11 Interview with James Stockton, Sales Manager of A&W Roofing
MODULE 6 Discovery & Sales Guide

video icon 6.2 Discovery (9:06)

video icon 6.3 Sales Meetings (14:51)
video icon 6.4 How to Price Digital Marketing Services (15:15)
MODULE 7 Flow Chart Downloads

text icon Online Course Flow Chart Download

text icon Custom Jeweler Video Based Email Strategy Flow Chart Download
text icon Gym & Fitness Center Strategy Flow Chart Download
65+ Value Packed Video Tutorials

In this course, we show you how to find, close, and retain high paying video production clients using our proven Five Step formula. It’s time to go from just another videographer to a Video Strategist.
Private Community & Mentorship

Upon enrollment, you will be given instant access to our private Facebook community and receive personal mentorship from our instructors and your peers.
Lifetime Access & Future Content

Enjoy instant access to our entire content library for LIFE. This includes ALL future content as the course grows. Also, our content will ALWAYS be to date as platforms change and new platforms emerge.

In this course you will…

MODULE 1 Discover there are more videos than just a promo video. Learn the power of different video types, which industries need them and what they will pay to have them.
MODULE 2 Learn how to use online platforms and campaigns to distribute the videos you create. Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, MailChimp, KickStarter and several more. Having a video is great, but having a plan on how to use it will land you bigger clients.
MODULE 3 Learn the secrets of networking, getting in front of decision makers, and how to use your extremely powerful business network to generate big ticket leads and sales for your business.
MODULE 4 Learn how to set up your own online video strategy to market your company. We will teach you the tips and tricks to lead generate through a highly advanced online strategy. Let’s get big ticket clients reaching out for your Real Deal Strategies.
MODULE 5 The best part of this course. You will be given the SUPER POWER of knowing what people are thinking before you ever meet with them. We have interviewed CEO’s, Marketing Directors, VP’s of Business Development, etc in big industries. Industries like, Medical, Technology, High End Commercial and Residential Services, and Luxury Real Estate. They have given us insight that will help you land monster clients in their industries.
MODULE 5 As if Module 5 could not be better. Haaaa, think again. We have broken down those interviews and have created advanced video strategies based on those conversations. Yes, we are going to show you those advanced strategies and teach you how to create them for your clients.

Sales Page: https://therealdeal.teachable.com/

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