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Make passive income from android apps in the smartest & shortest way.

Making passive income can be much easier than you think, in the last 6 years I created more than 1000 android apps and generated big passive income, It was not easy, the road was full of obstacles, in the course I present you with everything I learned and save you a lot of money, and more importantly – significant time.

I have more than 20M downloads from ASO only (without paid marketing) so trust me – you are in good hands.

My experience can bring you the most powerful shortcut to make successful apps for passive income, in the course I’m giving you the tools to manage the process so you don’t need to know how to develop the app or how to design, for that you can hire the right people, but, you must understand the basics of each subject to make sure that you hire the right people for your projects.

In the course, I will explain to you everything you should know in order to manage the process really well, from time to time I will give you relevant resources to learn from in order to expand your knowledge, I prefer to focus on what I call “Gold Info” and guide you how to learn the rest “regular things”.

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