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Introduction to Banishing Rituals – Learn the full set of basic Golden Dawn banishings for properly performing magick.

Banishing rituals are among the most critically important tools in all of magick. They are so critical, in fact, that you shouldn’t embark upon serious magickal experimentation without first properly memorizing and practicing at least one. Simply put, banishing rituals create safe space, a psychically protected bubble around you that may be warded by pentagrams, hexagrams, Archangels or other figures and beings.

These warding signs and beings help to establish a safe and psychically clean space within which to attempt more complex occult ritual. Even more importantly, their regular, repeated, ritual use strengthens your “aura” and personal power, slowly beginning an alchemical process of splitting off what’s not necessary for your personal evolution and refining the elemental, planetary and astrological elements of your being—gradually changing you from a mundane individual into a Magician.

In this class, we’ll workshop:

  • The roots of banishing rituals in the work of John Dee, Rosicrucianism and the Golden Dawn—understanding the crucial importance of what banishing rituals are, and the context they come from, so that you understand exactly why every pentagram, godform and divine name is where it is. Nothing in these rituals is arbitrary!
  • Understanding the Archangelic and Egyptian Godforms used in the rituals, and why they are there.
  • The Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram: Banishing the four elements and calling in the four Archangels (Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Uriel)—and correcting many common misconceptions and printing mistakes that can distort this ritual.
  • The Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram: Banishing the seven planets with the ARARITA and IAO:INRI formulae. More mistakes made in publicly printed versions of the ritual are corrected.
  • The Rose Cross Ritual: Using the YHShVH formula to go invisible on the astral.
  • A general understanding of the LVX formula, and how the banishing rituals situate you firmly in the lower quintet of the Sephira, with your head stretching toward Tiphareth (representing solar/Christic consciousness).
  • Establishing a daily practice of banishing and invoking rituals: When to use banishing and invoking forms, and how to strengthen and grow your aura and personal “power.”

You’ll walk away with a full understanding of the rituals, and the ability to start using them for serious practice.

Your Instructor

Jason Louv is the author of the bestselling John Dee and the Empire of Angels, and is the author or editor of Generation Hex, Ultraculture JournalThee Psychick Bible, Monsanto vs. the World and Hyperworlds/Underworlds and many more.

In the “real world,” Jason works as a mild-mannered journalist. In the “other world,” he has spent almost two decades studying and practicing the world’s esoteric spiritual systems under many gurus and mentors around the globe, including chaos magick, Hermeticism, Thelema, Advaita Vedanta, kriya yoga, Masonry, Sufism, Enochian, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reichian analysis, Tarot, I Ching, Taoism, Theravada, Vajrayana, Dzogchen, Emotional Freedom Technique, Nepali shamanism, psychedelic therapy and multiple healing modalities.

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