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Lyfe Lyte – Passive Template Tower Free Download

No Website, No Ads, 100% Passive method!

Some things take a long time, like a wait at the dentist’s office or for your Ex to write you back.

Myself, nope I don’t like those things, nor do I like waiting, I like things to happen daily for me. Not only that, for things I don’t like, such as sitting in front of my computer 15 hours a day, I want it passive, fast and easy.

That’s why I created this template tower, it is literally 100% passive, as in you set it up 1 time never touch it again…but reap the harvest daily from it.

No website needed, no emails to check, no refunds, there’s not even a product or store you need to set up maintain or anything.

This is seriously drag and drop copy and paste then done.

Yes, there are actually things like that that work online, not everything has to be complicated and complex.

With my template tower system, another bonus is, if I want to make more money, I just repeat the drag and drop, copy and paste method.

There isn’t one ad you’ll have to pay for, no website hosting, no products, no tech skill..nothing like that.

This is literally probably one of the easiest passive systems I have ever came up with.

Passive Template Tower.

Now, as I mentioned before, you can make your tower small, or keep building on top of it and make it big and earn more, there’s no limit to it.

Set up time for each tower? About 10 minutes. Then you never have to touch it again. I have towers that I set up months and months ago, yet still earn passive money from.

You can do this from your phone, laptop or tablet.

There is no monitoring, no customer emails, it is literally set it up once and you’re done. That’s how I have it set up, I set up 1 tower then never touch it again but it still brings money in.

Question is, how many towers will you set up tonight?

I want you to not just have income coming in, honestly I don’t give a damn about money. I care about what that money can do for me and you, and that, is give us freedom.

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