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The Power Moves – Social Power by Lucio Buffalmano Download

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The #1 world course on power. Power University distills thousands of studies into practical strategies for life success. You will learn the best people strategies across the board, from dating & relationships, to leadership & office politics. Use it responsibly, and go get what you deserve.

Lucio Buffalmano - The Power Moves - Social Power

About the instructor

Sociologist & researcher of human nature

Machiavelli was right:
A good person is ruined among the great numbers who are not good “.
Things haven’t changed since then, and Lucio teaches power dynamics because we desperately need fundamentally good leaders who know how to be bad.

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Power University will teach you everything about power.

I learned it the hard way, starting out in life as an underdog.

But I was driven.

I craved to live life my way, free of any constriction, bosses, bullies, or social pressures.
I didn’t have role models, but I demanded more of myself than the average men and poor leaders I encountered.

To find my way, I had to carve my way up through trial and errors, studying, and strategizing.
And I never stopped climbing.

In the beginning I sought power for self-defense, rebeling and breaking free.
Then, to use it for myself.
And finally, as I entered a more enlightened stage, to shape a better world around me.

Power University is the culmination of this process. It’s my life’s work.

I curated and refined this course to be the quickest, most effective way to train yourself in real-world power and personal success.

If you are a driven man who wants more, this might be for you.

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