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LoveThinks – Head Meets Heart

An on-demand course designed for singles to equip you with all that you need to know to be able to follow your heart without losing your mind.

Nothing else on Earth has the power to change your life so radically as falling in love with the right person

But there are challenges to having a healthy & thriving relationship:

  • Pacing your feelings so you don’t overlook critical red flags
  • Knowing the difference between little deals and deal breakers
  • How to build trust and reliance in safe and sustainable ways
  • Knowing how to build a sustainable foundation, that won’t crumble over time

Head Meets Heart

Your plan for empowering yourself in your next romantic relationship

  • 1. Get AccessGet unlimited access to the course for a one-time payment of $197. If you’re not ready, try the first module for free!
  • 2. Watch the CourseEach session is filled with decades of evidence-based research, insightful exercises, and straightforward practical tools.
  • 3. Achieve GrowthGrow yourself and be confident in your next romantic relationship.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the 5 modules:

  • AN OVERVIEW OF THIS THING WE DON’T CALL DATING Learn about the major changes that have impacted the dating world and what that means for you in your relationships. Also, you will be given an overview of the whole course so you know where we’re headed.
  • GETTING TO KNOW THE FAMILY + CONSCIENCEIn this session you will learn about two of the most important areas to get to know about a partner as well as how to get to know these important, yet tricky, things.
  • COMPATIBILITY, OTHER RELATIONSHIPS + SKILLSYou will learn about the three other important areas to get to know about a partner. In this session, you will also learn the detective technique which will equip you with an easy to follow approach when trying to figure someone out.
  • TRUST + RELIANCEThis session takes you into the heart of relationships. You will be provided with a working definition of trust, that is different than anything you’ve ever heard before. Three common relationship mistakes will be explained. And you will learn how to build trust and reliance in safe ways, no matter whether or not you have trust “issues”.
  • COMMITMENT + SEXUAL TOUCHYou will learn about the different types of commitment and how these can help or harm your relationships. Important things to consider when making the decision to live together or not will be hashed out and the importance and power of sexual touch will be discussed.

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