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Local Retargeting Cash Wizard + OTOs Download

Today, no one in their right mind would market without follow-up, yet local businesses do it everyday.

These same local businesses know something is wrong because they’re spending and seeing little in return…month after month!

The system we’re going to introduce you to is designed to turn those losing numbers around…and it works like clockwork.

Even better, you can work from home, set your own hours, work with clients who are proven to spend constantly…and earn a six figure income.

Give us Just ONE HOUR Of Your Time to make it happen…

AND We Guarantee You Will NEVER cold call or ‘beg’ for clients again!

Now, as you carefully read this page, and see if this new approach suits you.

Welcome, this is Bruce Newmedia…

When Parviz first discussed Retargeting with me I immediately thought of the re-targeting you see from online retailers – the big guys like Amazon and Ebay, etc.

Retargeting happens when you visit a website and they put a cookie on your computer.

No matter where you go on the web, they will identify you — meaning that they can show you ads related to the web pages you visited.

I’m sure you’re experiencing more and more of these ads yourself, the ones that seem to “Follow You Around” online.

Companies pay for that privilege and its worth it, since they keep doing it.

So, I was curious…”Can this really be effective for local businesses, the kind I work with now?”

“Yes absolutely, he said, “because its now possible to run these campaigns at low cost or no cost and get surprising results.

“The Branding and image building are not to be ignored either. I’ve not seen a cheaper way to embed your client’s business in the visitors mind.”

I have to admit I had never run a retargeting campaign for a client. It just never occurred to me.

Well, Parviz changed my mind when I saw the tools he created to both sell and implement these retargeting campaigns.

Then he took his results and tweaked them some more to get even better retargeting. This is the PERFECT marketing vehicle to offer to almost any local client.

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