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Not A Super Salesperson?
With Local Fee Finder You Don’t Need To Be..
Neither of us were considered ‘hot shot’ sales guys.

…and we both admit dreading having to squeeze necessary information out of prospects.

All the tricky phrases and sneaky questions didn’t work.

They just usually made us feel awkward and uneasy.

…and that’s from prospects who didn’t make it easy either! Talk about a tug-of-war!

But that’s all changed since we installed Local Fee Finder.

It’s like a giant weight was lifted off our shoulders.

It’s true, with LFF you’ll get more candid information…

all from its seemingly innocent questions…

Prospects will volunteer effortlessly, what you would have to arm wrestle for in-person and on the phone…it’s amazing!

LFF does the detective work without ruffling feathers. It takes the place of you personally asking important questions and risking losing rapport.

It’s the perfect ‘intermediary’ that helps you filter out the pretenders, the PIA’s and the not-ready-for-prime-timers.

Local Fee Finder is the newest Software that puts your Consultant Website intake forms on AUTO-PILOT.


Installation is Super-Easy, and step-by-step instructions are included. Perfect for the Tech-Challenged Consultant!

Local Fee Finder does the ‘dirty work’ in seconds.

Local Fee Finder gives you the ability to create custom designs for a custom look.

This WordPress plugin lets you effortlessly oversee the entire form submission in ONE Place in your WordPress Dashboard.

The leads are instantly funneled to you for immediate followup…automatically.

Local Fee Finder enhances your professional appearance and brands you as an established serious marketer.

Local Fee Finder helps to PRE-QUALIFY prospects- there is no faster way.

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