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Unstoppable Sex: How To Initiate Sex Without Fear of Rejection, And Drive HER Wild With Uncontrollable Desire for MORE Sex!

Let’s go over the specifics of what this package reveals…

Part 1: How to Initiate Sex Without Fear of Rejection

In This First Part, I Reveal Powerful Secrets Like…
The 3 most common reasons why a woman rejects a man when he tries to initiate sex… and how to eliminate these problems permanently, so you can start enjoying more sex right away!
How to find out whether she’s actually rejecting YOU or if it’s some other problem stopping her from having sex with you. (Guys simply assume they are being rejected! But, now you’ll know what the real reason is, so you can fix it – and get to enjoying sex, minutes later!
How to break the rejection cycle once and for all… so it stops creating more hesitation in you and stops conditioning her to keep saying ‘no’ to you. (If you don’t stop the cycle now, it will continue to drain the passion, and will eventually sabotage your relationship completely.
How to tell when she secretly wants to have sex yet still appears to be “rejecting” you – on the surface. (This is all too common in relationships; and when you figure this one out, you instantly get more sex.)
The 4 major mistakes men make during sex that make women want less sex in the future. (These mistakes cause her to lose all interest in having sex with you again.)
How to get more oral sex! (Women reveal the top 4 reasons why men are killing their chances of getting a lot more of this! All 4 mistakes are easily fixable, after you learn what they are.)
Two things you must do after sex, to get more sex from her in the future… (no, it’s not cuddling)… and the one thing you must completely avoid or risk destroying all future chances of sex.
When NOT to have sex with her – no matter how much you both want it… or else you can create very negative associations in her mind to future sex. (What to do instead, that will encourage more sex – now and in the future.)
How to drive her crazy with desire – by the way you kiss her… so she will want to sleep with you right away. (She’ll even start fantasizing about having sex with you later.)
The most common reason why women lose respect and consequently attraction for their man. (Find out if you’re making these mistakes, and how you can fix them fast!)
The best times (of the day and week) to approach her that ensures the highest probability of “getting lucky.” (These are the times when she would be the most receptive, eager, or even horny, i.e. ready for sex. Most men miss these windows and wonder why she “never” wants sex.)
How to handle her “time of the month” in the best way, to increase your chances of getting more sex than you ever thought possible.
A simple, sneaky trick that eliminates the possibility of rejection, so any guy can move things forward sexually – without ever fearing rejection. Even the most introverted/shy person can escalate a woman sexually, in this way…without fear of rejection.
Why even women in committed relationships and marriages often refuse sex simply because they don’t want to appear “slutty” by having or wanting sex too often. (Learn how to put an end to this silly, old-fashioned, residual conditioned response – and awaken her inner vixen!)
How to project the perfect amount of sexual lust so she will be drawn to getting horizontal with you. (Using too much will repel her; using too little won’t be able to get her aroused.)
How to “catch” her subtle signals that are giving you the “green light” to make a move, i.e. go for sex! (Yes, women do initiate sex – often! But, their subtle hints usually go unnoticed by men. Now you’ll know what to look for, to maximize all your opportunities for more sex!)
How to identify and stop making a common mistake that makes her feel rejected sexually! (Its true, a woman often feels rejected by her man – especially when she’s trying to be sexy or to initiate sex. Imagine that!)
How to get her “in the mood” by creating the most sexually-favorable environment. (It takes more than candles and music to really turn her on.)
How to take advantage of “themes” that encourage touching, kissing, sensual behaviors, naughty thoughts, and gooy emotions… all of which are conducive to sexual arousal and sex.
A deadly mistake almost every guy makes, that can cause a woman to lose all sexual desire for you completely. Read: she’ll never want to have sex with you again. (If you don’t fix this one now, it could be the end of your sex life.)
How to easily and “accidentally” get her mind in the ‘gutter’ – by using simple, easy, fun techniques you’ll both enjoy! (The more fun and laughter she’s enjoying, the more open and adventurous she would be in bed, later!)
And much, much more…

With all of these powerful “sex initiators” in your possession, you’ll never even worry about getting rejected again. AND, you’ll be getting a lot more sex, to boot.

After you’re able to initiate sex without fear of rejection – and you’ve started to enjoy hearing “YES” from your woman more often, it’s time for even more good stuff.

It’s time to unleash the power of…

Part 2: How to Boost Her Desire For More Sex

If you still want more “sex getting” tips and secrets, I’ve got you covered…

In this second part, I reveal powerful secrets that get her burning hot, like…

In This Second Part, I Reveal Powerful Secrets That Get Her Burning HOT, Like…
Four easy ways to instantly boost her sexual desire for you … and have more sex, starting tonight!
How to activate her most powerful and highly under-utilized arousal trigger! (Using this effectively can easily triple your chances of having sex!)
The 6 deadly mistakes that turn her off and kill her desire for sex completely. (Find out what these are so you can avoid them at all costs, or risk losing out on sex forever.)
The 3 external factors crucial to boosting her desire for having sex with you… and how you can easily influence these factors, to quickly put her in a sexually-favorable mood.
Why she will not want to have sex – no matter how turned on she is… unless you do these 2 important things first!
Why so many women would much rather (secretly) masturbate than have sex with their guys – and how you can change that for your woman (so she opts for sex with you more.)
A sneaky way to get her thinking about pleasuring you and having sex with you more often! (Most women never get to experience this, and most guys have no idea how to use this powerful method!)
Why almost every guy is using the “50 Shades of Grey” phenomenon all wrong and causing their women to have less sex. (Learn how to use it the right way – to get your lady more aroused, more sexually-uninhibited, and enjoy a lot more hot sex with you!)
The 3 major turn-offs that can seriously affect a woman’s arousal level. (Any one of these has the power to put an end to sex with a particular partner, indefinitely!) Know what they are so you can avoid them at all costs.
Word-for-word examples of what to say that suggests “we don’t need to have sex” yet makes her want to have sex with you more than ever!
How to make her think that you’re doing her a “favor” by having sex with her. (And, she’ll love you for it!)
How to create the right mental and emotional states inside her, to increase her desire for sexual connection and intimacy! (Plus, avoid creating the wrong mental / emotional states that can kill her desire completely.)
A sneaky yet powerful way to make her want to “prove” to you just how hot she is – by having sex with you ?
How to get her to want to seduce you! (She’ll even enjoy doing it!)
Why giving her compliments can seriously backfire and decrease your chances of having sex, unless you do it in a particular way that’s revealed in this manual.How to get her so crazy-horny in public that she will want to rush home (or to the nearest semi-private area) where she can pull your pants off!
What never to do to her in public that can completely ruin her mood. (Avoid this common mistake guys make when getting ‘sensual’ in public.)
How to help her become more assertive and expressive sexually… and even get her to want to initiate sex more often!
A sneaky way to get her to reveal some of her juiciest secret fantasies to you (and then turn them into reality – together!)
How to give her the kind of compliments that nobody else has ever given her, and make her desire you a LOT more.
Why dressing better can actually decrease your attractiveness, unless you fix another major problem first! (It’s easily fixable, when you learn how.) Otherwise, no amount of expensive clothing, shoes, watches or other accessories will make you more attractive to her – nor to any other woman.
The 11 scents and aromas that turn women on… and how to use the best ones that specifically turn your woman on, most effectively!
An easy way to build her up to hotter, kinkier and wilder stuff during sex… and also keep her eager and excited about having more sex!
Plus much, much more…

As you can see, with both of these manuals in your possession, you can easily transform your sex life – and your relationship – into an exciting, erotic thrill ride.

And yes, I’ve made all of these techniques simple to understand and easy to follow… IF you read and apply what I share in the above packages.

But, don’t be fooled by how simple this stuff happens to be. Because….

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