[Download] Liberate Forex 2.0 — Liberate FX Master Course (2021)

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Liberate Forex 2.0 — Liberate FX Master Course Download

Class Curriculum

Start Welcome To Liberate FX
Start Four Major Markets
Start What Is A Pip? (1:33)
Start How To Place A Trade (1:34)
Start When To Trade (1:31)
Start How To Trade With Leverage (1:33)
Start Trendlines (1:37)
Start Trading Terminology (1:36)
Templates, Documents, & Downloads
Start Patterns
Start Indicators
Start MetaTrader
Start Our Current Broker
Trading Psychology
Start Mindset & Discipline (3:29)
Start Choosing Your Trading Style (1:41)
Start Fear (2:18)
Start Accepting Your Losses (1:40)
Start Importance of Demo (2:14)
Start Your Four Biggest Fears (4:19)
Start Risk Management (5:43)
Mid-Course Quiz
Start General Forex
Start Support & Resistance
Start Types of Charts
Start Fibonacci
Formation Patterns
Start Double Top & Bottom (2:28)
Start Head & Shoulders + Inverse (3:36)
Start Bull & Bear Flag (2:25)
Start Bearish & Bullish Pennant (1:34)
Start Rising & Falling Wedge (2:32)
Start Bullish Piercing Pattern (1:22)
Start Bullish & Bearish Engulfing Patterns (1:28)
Start Dark Cloud Cover Pattern (1:15)
Start Cup & Handle + Inverse (2:02)
Start Ascending & Descending Triangle (1:18)
Start Symmetrical Triangle (1:06)
Start Box Range (1:13)
Start Candlestick Trading (1:39)
Start Doji Candlestick (3:47)
Start Marubozu Candlestick (1:54)
Start Hammer & Hanging Man Candlesticks (2:00)
Start Shooting Star & Inverted Hammer Candlestick (1:26)
Start Tweezer Tops & Bottoms (1:38)
Start 3 White Soldiers & 3 Black Crows (1:48)
Start Three Method (Rising & Falling) (1:47)
Start Morning & Evening Star Patterns (1:23)
Start Three Inside Up & Down (1:34)
Forex Indicators
Start Moving Average (2:01)
Start Stochastic Oscillator (2:17)
Start RSI – Relative Strength Indicator (1:34)
Start ATR – Average True Range (2:41)
Start Bollinger Bands (1:13)
Start Parabolic SAR (1:34)
Start Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (2:42)
Start Pivot Points (1:09)
Start What Is Fibonacci? (2:40)
Start Fibonacci Fan and Arcs (1:19)
Start Timing Your Entries (3:32)
Our Main Strategy
Start Triple Half Diamond Sequence (7:49)

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