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Introduction & Expectations
Who the f*ck am I and why you did well to buy this?
Understanding TikTok and why it’s a golden opportunity
Tik Tok is the greatest audition ever
Finding your Identity as a creator on Tik Tok
Who are you? It’s time to be yourself
Identify your uniqueness & double down
Defining your niche and then define your broader niche
TikTok Trends
Be the trend
Who is the brand face?
Leave your ego at the door
Understanding the technical aspects of TikTok
Type of account
How does the algorithm work? Make him a friend
Your 1st video! it’s time
How to duet and when
How to stitch and why
Imporant options to tick when you post
Celebrate milestones but not alone
How to schedule posts on tiktok
Research others like a pro
Music on tiktok – What is it’s role and how to use it
What you need to know about music
Use music as the main theme
Saving sounds/ creating Original ones
Monetizing on TikTok – How I made 6 figures in 8 months
Make it intentional and unintentional – plan it from the get go but ignore it
Brand partnerships – how to get them
Affiliate marketing
Upgrade your content into something premium
How much to charge – calculator
Running a Tik Tok agency or becoming an agent
Engagement on tiktok – How to
Outreach engagement
Interacting with your audience – Don’t be a diva
Q&A Function
Tiktok lives
How to calculate your engagement rate
Content Strategy
Create your series or multi-series – You are a TV station
Recruiting Content
Create nurturing content – That builds trust and authority
Answer questions from your audience – Be inclusive
Coming up with ideas – My viral framework/ ideas per category
Camera shy? Do this
Frequency of posting
Quantity vs Quality?
Being Spontaneous
My success formula
The ratio that led to insane growth
Decoding my viral videos
Making your content Searchable
Owning your keyword
Hashtags on tiktok – all you need to know
Understanding numbers & analytics
Time to post
Understanding your insights
Shoot in the app not your phone
Research and analyze the viral content
Go after 15-18 second videos first
Borderline Clickbait
Hijacking the Q&A of others
New viral trends discovery hack!
Don’t mislead or fool people
Don’t treat tiktok like youtube
Don’t quit!
Don’t come here to sell….
Don’t use Tiktok for image/ videos
Don’t compare
Video creation A to Z
Headlines!!! 50% of the success
Everything about shooting within TikTok
Set up and equipment
My tools for Tik Tok
My videos don’t perform well, what now?
Running ads on Tik Tok
How to run ads on Tik Tok

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