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About the course:

“Advanced Copywriting For Serious Info Marketers”

But before you even think of getting it, realize two things:

First, it’s expensive & not at-all “sexy. It has none of the “hacks” or sales choke-holds amateurs love chasing. Instead, it’s the raw fundamentals used & mastered by all of history’s top copywriters, mixed with Ken’s decades of experience writing copy & building his own info businesses. And secondly, there’s no money-back guarantee. As Ken would say: “Harvard doesn’t offer guarantees, either. This is for grownups.”

So I don’t recommend going off all half-cocked and buying it on impulse.

To help you decide if it’s something you really do want, here’s what’s inside:

  • A secret way (almost nobody uses) to legally and ethically make magic pill” claims in your ads!
  • How to use an ordinary water cooler to “pre-test” the response-power of your headlines.
  • Two proven cures” for writers block. (The first one is simply doing a lot of research. The second one is much easier…and can be found at your corner grocery store.)
  • The amazing “wealth attraction” secret of two ex-communist military-trained killers! (This is THE big secret behind Ken’s 8-figure “System Seminar” business.  And it can work even if you have no clue how to market, sell or advertise.)
  • How to get people to instantly stop & read your email pitches — even if you have a weak subject line!
  • How to get binders full of glowing customer testimonials without resorting to “shameless bribes” or begging.
  • Why personalizing your emails with your prospect’s name can hurt your response. (And the faster and easier thing you can do instead.)
  • How to stick out like a sore thumb in even the most hyper-competitive and over-saturated markets!
  • The exact place to put your order link in an email to get the hottest, most qualified prospects to respond.
  • How to use a journalist’s “hidden guilt” (every reporter has) to get your product raved about in the mass media.
  • The incredible joint venture secret Ken used to quickly build a million-dollar business…without even selling anything!

Sale Page: https://kenmccarthy.com/copywriting/secret/

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