[Download] Justin Sardi – Unlimited Leads Challenge + OTO (Youtube Ads Course) (2021)

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Unlimited Leads Challenge + OTO (Youtube Ads Course) by Justin Sardi Download

How would you like us to hold you by the hand as you Build a Massive List Of Hyper-Responsive Leads and Buyers WITHOUT Doing Podcasts, Writing Blogs, Posting on Social Media, Or Spending A Fortune on Ads!

Dear Entrepreneur,
Are You….

  • Frustrated by wasting a ton of money on ads and an ads manager…with little to show for it?
  • Struggling to attract quality leads to your website or funnel?
  • Ready to throw in the towel because all your leads are freebie-seeking tire-kickers?
  • Trying to get great leads and sales using social media, podcasts, blogs, and email but coming up empty handed?
  • Tired of spending all your time ‘engaging’ your audience instead of making sales?
  • Looking for a way to get high quality leads AND make the sale right NOW?
  • Ready to get your ‘leads machine’ up and running in just a few hours?

If you checked any of the boxes above, then I want to invite you to join the fun and exciting “Unlimited Leads Challenge”……So you can build a list of hyper-active leads and customers ready to buy from you over and over again…  For just pennies on the dollar.

Justin Sardi – Unlimited Leads Challenge + OTO (Youtube Ads Course)

Everything You’ve Been Told About Leads and Ads Is a Lie!

There’s a bunch of myths and lies out there that some marketers and gurus want you to believe:

  • “Don’t sell someone something until you indoctrinate and engage them first.”
  • ​”Facebook is the BEST place to advertise if you want to grow your business.”
  • ​”Emails are the only way to get great leads.”
  • ​”You have to give away free stuff before asking for the sale.”
  • ​”Build your brand first, then create a product to sell.”
  • ​”Post free content every day on social media, and then you’ll find your customers.”
  • ​”List building is HARD and takes years.”
  • ​”You have to invest a lot of money in ads before you start seeing a profit.”
  • ​”ONLY focus on Facebook. Period.”
  • ​”If you don’t create your own offer you’ll
    never make money.”
  • ​”It takes months to build a successful ad campaign…
    and it’s expensive.”
  • ​”Only viral videos make money.”

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