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Jay Abraham has released three full length books on pdf today. All he asked is you tell 25 entrepreneurs you know.

The third is called

Putting Your Marketing Genius to Work

This is what he says…

“It’s a lighter introductory to Jay Abraham, designed and intended to stimulate entrepreneurs unfamiliar with me and my work to seek more of our products, programs, services — due to the exciting realizations the book quickly brings out.

While not as deep as the other two, it is an excellent fast-track review of my body of work and might stimulate YOU to want more/deeper access to our products.”

He also warns there are promotional elements in this book which are absent from the other two.

You can get the book here.

My Thoughts

I haven’t read it yet but I can tell you:

  1. Jay Abraham has been a major influence on my thinking about business growth, opportunities for profit and marketing.
  2. His book “Getting Everything You Can…” is one of the books I recommend all business owners read.
  3. This is the book which, on first sight, appeals to me most. My knowledge of Jay Abraham will go far beyond the elements in this book but it’s always useful to read an overview which lets you see the jigsaw puzzle put back together.

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