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My goal is motivate, educate, inspire, and make a positive impact on your trading. Whether you’re new to trading, or you’ve been at this as long as I have, join the inner circle to take your trading to the next level.

Premium Daily Videos – Get a recap fo what happened today, and exactly what we’re going to be looking for tomorrow.

Live Trading Room – Join me in the live trading room to trade the markets live!

Technical Tuesday – Live session so you can bring all of your questions and symbols. We’ll have a live look at your symbols and trades, plus we’ll update our Ichimoku Scans and Picks live.

Ichimoku Scans – You get access to my Ichimoku scans spreadsheet. These are the trades I’m looking to do and updates to any trades we’ve placed so you can stay out in front of the changing market.

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Bond Trading Bootcamp Workshop, covering ALL of my favorite Bond trading setups.
Start with the basics of the Futures Markets and guide you all the way through tactically trading bonds.
First Hour Bond Trade, Sneak Attack Trade, Overnight Bond Trade, and more!
Two Bond Indicators! Bond Breakout, and Bond Retrace Lines Indicators available for Trade Station, Think or Swim, Ninja Trader, eSignal, and Sierra Charts
Training includes the 30 Year Bond, 10 Year Note, 5 Year Note, and Euro Bund
Recorded Live Trading Sessions

Sale Page: https://hubertsenters.com/training/

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