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I’ve generated millions of dollars in income for customers using paid advertisements on Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Google over the last few years. My paid ad clientele experience ranges from financial services to tens of thousands of DTC eCommerce brands. Unlike many huge agencies that try to disguise impressions and clicks as worthwhile interactions, every one of my clients has seen a direct, positive return on their advertising investment.

I’m now running advertising campaigns, coaching direct-to-consumer firms, and developing a SaaS platform that will transform digital marketing recruiting. Visit scalehire.co to learn more!


Since I was five years old, I’ve been selling items.


Before I could even spell the words “problem” and “coming,” I was composing direct response sales pitch.


My mother is a marital and family therapist, which I discovered when I was five years old.


She informed me she was a “problem solver” since what she actually does would be difficult for a 5-year-old to comprehend.


Parents would tell her about their problems, and she would assist them in resolving them.


After about 5 minutes, a piece of paper with the words “Half Price Ishue Solver! Com Now!” appeared. My bedroom door was hung with the words “And Rocks on Sale!”


I was now officially in operation.


I charged ten cents to solve any of my family members’ “problems,” and a quarter for each pebble.


My parents laughed at it, but they were incredibly supportive, going along with it and paying me for my knowledge.


I eventually progressed to lemonade stands, candy sales at school, and social media marketing, with approximately 20 different side hustles in between.


I do everything I can to help anyone younger than me who is working hard.


I’ve paid kids $100 for lemonade and offer free counsel to everyone who asks and whom I believe I can really assist, because I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of my family, friends, and mentors.


I acknowledge that I was extremely fortunate to have received this support as a child, and I recognize that many children do not, so when I have the opportunity to help others, I do everything I can.


My objective now is simple: to use my advertising and marketing abilities to assist in the growth of enterprises that have a good influence on people’s lives.

As a result, I am highly picky about the people and companies with whom I collaborate. I also set aside time to assist anyone who are attempting to establish their own business, so please contact me if you run a company that has a beneficial impact or if you think I could assist you in any way.





Sales Page: https://www.harryswales.com/


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