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That’s a long time to be earning a full-time living on the Internet. But that’s been my life for the past two and a half decades. And I’ve learned quite a few things along the way. Like a lot, a lot of things.
It’s why 7 & 8 figure gurus contact me at 11pm on a Saturday night (and sometimes 6am on a Sunday morning), in a panic. “Sorry, but you’re the only one who can solve this” they’ll say. They need help fast and they know I have the answers.

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It’s why my private coaching clients are usually stunned when I help them solve their problems in 5 minutes, after they had spent weeks (and usually a lot of money) having no luck trying to figure something out themselves.
I know a lot of stuff. And for the past several years, I’ve been putting together giant collections of my unique know-how and calling it Steal My Secrets. It’s my most popular training.
And now I’m back with Steal My Secrets 4, where I’m sharing an entirely new batch of my private hacks, tools and secrets. In fact, 101 of them in all. And here’s your opportunity to get your hands on them.
It’s Like a Roledex of Answers To
To Your Online Business Problems
In fact, any one of the secrets I share could save you weeks of wasted time, bring you thousands of visitors or thousands more in sales. And I’m giving you a virtual treasure chest full of these secrets…101 of them!
Here’s a quick peek at just a few of them:
The best video lights you’ve never heard of…cheap, portable and used by pros because the light makes you look so damn good!
Where to get eye-popping, pro animations for your website that look like they cost a fortune…for absolutely free!
Forget Adobe, Apple, Camtasia, Screenflow and others…here’s how to create and edit your videos 100% online without hassles!
The fastest and easiest way to sell your stuff online. Period. If you’re a techno-phobe, this is for you!
Digital courses are so 2019…here’s how to sell your knowledge LIVE and to people around the world with a real-time, interactive classroom!
The fastest and easiest way to make gorgeous landing pages in just minutes (and no, it has nothing to do with WordPress)
Looking for a dirt-cheap email service provider that isn’t MailChimp or AWeber, is incredibly easy to use and has fantastic delivery rates? Try this one that you’ve never heard of…
Plus How To Turn Your Digital Courses
Into a Search Engine!
Video training is great, but videos aren’t searchable. So if you (or your customers) don’t take notes while going through a video course, you (or they) are screwed. You’ll have to scrub through hours of videos trying to find that one thing you can’t remember.
Now that problem is solved. I’ll show you how to turn your digital courses into a search engine, where users can simply type whatever they are looking for and they’ll be shown the exact spot in your videos where the answer appears!
Even better, by offering this search feature in your training, you can charge more for your courses! And here are even more secrets, hacks and tools you’ll get inside of Steal My Secrets 4:
The free online scheduling calendar for your business…don’t pay Calendly or Acuity or anyone else…use this, it’s just as good, completely private and 100% free!
Screen recordings, transcriptions, podcasting, video editing, audiograms and more…all in one single tool!
How to build a online social community…where people pay you every month…complete with private messaging, Zoom calls, events, e-learning and more…using only WordPress!
Everyone has at least one book in them…here’s where to get bookstore quality copies of your book printed for dirt cheap! (it has nothing to do with Amazon)
3 “swipe file” resources where you can copy, borrow and steal the best email, sales and ad copy…and it’s all proven to convert!
Creating forms on your website and getting them to work is a pain in the a**. And they are usually ugly too. Here’s how to create any type of beautiful form; contact, subscribe, payment and more, in just minutes!
Build multiple websites in minutes, add memberships and digital products to them, accept payments and more…for just $16? Here’s where you can do it…
What Are The 5 Worst Email Service Providers?
You’re Probably Using One of Them!
When it comes to email service providers (the people you pay to operate your mailing list), two things are for certain.
First, the most popular email service providers are the most popular for one reason; they pay the highest affiliate commissions, so you hear about them the most.
And second, you have no clue on how bad your email service provider actually is. That means you don’t know how often your emails end up in spam, never hit someone’s inbox or worse yet, never get delivered at all.
But I do know the statistics that email service providers don’t want you to know…I know which email service providers are the worst at delivering your emails and which do it the best. And I’m going to share it all with you. Plus more, like…
Want to know what people are saying about you or your business on social media, on blogs, in forums, in videos and more (or what they are saying about your competitors)? Here’s how to find out, around-the-clock…
Skip the online meeting. Don’t waste time writing an email. Here’s how to quickly send a video or animated image instead, get back your time and get more done!
How to quickly and easily create beautiful signatures in your emails that bring you business and make you money – you’re sending emails anyway, why not take advantage of it?
Need inspiration for a video you’re making for your website or social media? Go here to find endless examples of proven videos that will give you all of the ideas you’ll ever need…
How to get paid for Zoom calls and webinars without doing any marketing or even having an email list!
Tired of the boring, cookie-cutter templates that come in PowerPoint, Keynote or Google slides? Use these little-known tools instead to create one-of-a-kind, eye-popping slides for your presentations and courses…
Want to add a “buy now, pay later” payment option to your website (just like the big companies)? Here’s how to do it…
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