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About the course:

Over the course of a year, I will personally walk you through mastering every tactic and technique, including those designed for government only.

While most would like to be the most powerful person in the room, you will be.

Body language, persuasion and hypnosis/nlp. It is that good. Chase is one of the best interrogators/persuaders I have ever seen.

The Mastery Program also includes all of the videos, course workbooks, and materials you will need to reach a surgical level of competency.

You will be doing assignments, and watching live demonstrations of me performing all of the techniques like:

  • Extreme confusion techniques I guarantee you’ll see nowhere else
  • The behavior profiling techniques I’ve never shared before
  • Advanced conversational techniques, including the Rapid Compliance Blueprint
  • Watch me demonstrate the ‘scary’ stuff in my book LIVE at the Black course
  • Every persuasion tactic I teach that I’m allowed to share, taught live each week
  • The really scary stuff I had to delete from Ellipsis Manual – yes, that stuff
  • Impromptu techniques to hypnotize anyone – in any location
  • Every confidential piece of research I’ve ever produced or archived
  • Every document I recovered from the vault at Colgate University
  • Techniques for mind control that I created for elite teams, and how to deploy them
  • Word-for-word scripts for influence and persuasion on a whole new level
  • Elite-level training in behavior profiling
  • Charisma manufacturing – advanced skills for creating the ‘it factor’


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