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Graphic Design Masterclass Intermediate – This is a practical design course meant to teach you techniques and skills by producing real world projects.



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April 2021 – New – The Practical Guide to Print Design!
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April 2020 – New – Adobe InDesign Portfolio Building Template!
Feb 2020 – New – The Full Logo Design Process and Downloadable Logo Design Worksheet Template
Feb 2020 – New – Mastering Isometric Grids!
Feb 2020 – New Portfolio Building Section – How to Build Strong Design Portfolios
Jan 2020 – New InDesign Project Added – Creating a Magazine Front Cover and Article Spread
Jan 2020 – New full page ad design project and Photoshop section added!
June 2019 – Create Compelling Infographics! (Section 11)
Nov 2018 – How to Price Your Freelance Projects! Updated lessons (Section 19)
Nov 2018 – New Package Design Lessons! Design a chocolate bar wrapper from start to finish
Oct 2018 – Project: Create a Poster Using Only Typography Sept 2018 – New Lesson – Characteristics of Solid Logo Designs Aug 2018 – The Legal Side of Design: Properly Using Photos, Fonts and Resources
The Graphic design masterclass intermediate level, are you ready to level up your design skills
Who should take this class? Those with very basic skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You already may be familiar with the pen tool basics understand the layering system and know a few other basic tools. You have a little experience using these programs and have a solid basic working knowledge of these programs.

Or you have taken my Graphic Design Masterclass: Learn Great Design, the first in this masterclass series, although taking this class is not a requirement to join on this one, just those basic software skills. But this class Is a natural next intermediate step.

This is a practical design course meant to teach you techniques and skills by producing real world projects.

We will first talk about intermediate techniques when it comes to Adobe Photoshop, like diving deep with removing complex objects from photos and using the content aware tools. We then will talk about photo composites and put two totally different photos together using curves and other more intermediate Photoshop tools.

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