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Free Google Sheets templates to create advertising calculators, title generators, a CRM, and more


Let’s face it: Google Sheets can be as boring as… well, a spreadsheet.

But with the right templates, this free tool can make so many parts of your day more rewarding and productive.

Spreadsheet guru Andrew Kamphey from BetterSheets created 19 simple plug-and-play templates to help you get the most out of Google Sheets.

They say the best Sheets in life are free, so here’s our complimentary Google Sheets Template Pack.


Enjoy ready-to-use Google Sheets templates that improve your productivity, project management, and content production

Use calculators to plan your advertising budget and headline generators to plan your content

Make your next digital meeting a little more fun with virtual destinations and learn to build your own Sheets templates

Best for: Content teams, project managers, and Sheets-avoidant personalities looking to level up their Google Sheets experience

Google Sheets Templates Pack is a free ebook that features 19 ready-to-use Google Sheets templates across productivity, sales, and more to empower your work—and play.

This game-changing collection of templates is divided into six categories:

  • Productivity and project management
  • Headlines and article ideas
  • Advertising rate calculators
  • Ecommerce
  • Just for fun…
  • Build your own templates

Some templates even come with handy video tutorials from Andrew himself.

To start, if you already run a lot of your business across the Google tool suite, you might consider replacing your CRM with the template CRM.

Track leads, record sales, and more in a simple Sheets-powered system. All for free.

In the Headlines and article ideas section, you’ll be able to choose from several name generators. (But cross off “Awesome Google Sheets Templates”—we’ve got you.)

Simply plug in the right information into each field, and receive options for blog titles, business names, and email subject lines.

Next, access three advertising calculator templates that you can use to assist in planning for your blog, podcast, or email campaign.

If you want to advertise on someone else’s media, you can use the calculators to understand how much you can expect to budget for an upcoming partnership.

Want to build your own Facebook Marketplace?

Use the Marketplace template to run your own online store. (“The fidget spinners are flying off the shelves.”)

Sellers can upload their own items—which automatically delete after a week of being in the store to avoid content overload.

Just for fun, you can enjoy a game Andrew created using Google Sheets—or use one of his virtual rooms to bring a dynamic component to your next digital event.

And to top it all off, Andrew created a Text Search tool for Sumo-lings who want to build their own Google Sheets templates.

The template lets you search Google’s full category of spreadsheet functions, so that you can discover everything Google Sheets has to offer.

Think Google Sheets is just for data entry and embellishing on your resume? Think again.

It’s time to unlock the true potential of this versatile free platform with exciting templates that throw you right into the action.

Don’t get lost in a sea of blank spreadsheet cells.

Download Google Sheets Template Pack today!

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