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Advanced Program Advanced Program features one-hour online (LIVE) webinars that run over the period of five days. It also includes the five Day Program (the 5th day is integrated with the five Day Course). After you’ve finished the program, if you do not fully understand the concepts it is possible to attend weekly classes on a biweekly basis.

Your Instructor: Dimitri Wallace

Dimitri is highly respected in his FOREX trading community, and has helped a lot of people from all over the world no cost. His experience has shown the public that there existed a need for his education services that spanned across borders and resulted in the formation the company Gold Minds Global Inc. (“GMG”). Without the benefit of paid advertisement, Dimitri has over 20,000 followers. His message has been spread all over the world, and even Asia where he can speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. Numerous students both internationally and in the United States have had success employing his methods.

The program is comprised of 5 days of the 5 Day Program and continued access for a specific period only.




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