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Elements: The Complete Foundation

With Elements, you take it a step further by building strength, flexibility, and control.

If you think of Mobility as an add-on to any program you’re doing, Elements is a program in and of itself.

In Elements, we show you how to use your own bodyweight to get stronger. You’ll also improve your flexibility and mobility while gaining control over your body.

Elements is for you if you relate to any of the following:

  • You have an interest in functional movements that build strength and increase flexibility.
  • You want a steady, progressive program to follow over an 8-week period that challenges you.
  • You want to move and feel better.
  • Being told what program to follow brings you peace of mind.
  • You like to learn about and improve upon your weaknesses.

Elements is a program in and of itself. You’ll go through the program as written and make steady progress week after week.

Ryan performing movement from Elements.

Here’s what it looks like:

Elements Sample Schedule
Session 1: – Full Body Warmup
– 15 minutes Primary 3 Locomotion Variations (Bear, Monkey, Frogger)
– Rounds of Specific (Monkey) Locomotion and Full Body Stretches
Session 2: – Full Body Warmup
– 15 minutes Alternating 3 Locomotion Variations (Bent Arm Bear, Monkey 180, Sumo Frogger)
– Rounds of Specific (Twisting Bear) Locomotion and Full Body Stretches
Session 3: – Full Body Warmup
– 15 minutes Alternating Locomotion Combinations (High Monkey to High Frogger, Monkey 180 to Monkey 180)
– Rounds of Alternating Locomotion Combinations and Full Body Stretches

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