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The first time I showed a friend of mine how to use ?deep diving,? the name I?ve given to the technique of getting women to open up really fast about themselves, I had no idea how well it would work or not. I mean, it worked for ME? but here was someone totally different with a very different style of meeting women and who had very different tastes in them than I did.

But, over the course of a few days as I stayed with my friend, he listened to me talking with his friends, family, and, of course, GIRLS? and he was amazed to see I was learning things about his parents that he didn?t know himself. So, he tried it out.

He was HOOKED.

?Dude,? he told me, ?I?ve never seen anything like this. I?ve struggled at conversation for years? you fixed it for me for good over just a few days!? He instantly got a boost in his success rate with women? in fact, he went out and slept with a girl he?d liked and known for 3 years but had never had anything happen with about a week later. He told me it was like I?d ?opened the door.?

The next few months after this were about distilling it. What were the precise techniques I was using in deep diving? What was the best way to teach them? How could I shorten the learning curve?

I next taught my conversational techniques to a one-on-one training student I had an outing with. He slept with 2 of the 7 girls he met on that outing within two weeks (including a very pretty red-haired girl who told him initially that she had a boyfriend), and came back to tell me that, ?Man, this stuff WORKS.?

After that, I shared some of my thoughts on conversation with the Internet, and my information on deep diving was MASSIVELY UPVOTED on the Seduction subforum of Reddit.com (the Internet?s largest social bookmarking site). It ended up being one of the most popular articles there the entire week? no small task when articles are constantly coming and going.

So, at last, I felt ready to put out Spellbinding.

I distilled everything I knew and everything I was doing about building incredible connections and conversations, condensed it, and packed it all into a just-over 1 hour long video program that?s literally BURSTING AT THE SEAMS with how-to instructions and steps, with LOADS of examples so you?ll know just what I mean, and a clear path for you to very quickly transform yourself into a man who puts women under his spell with words ? just like the other men who?ve learned this.

And now it?s done.

It?s ready.

And I?m presenting it to you right now.

And just to let you know that this program is no ordinary video program ? not by a long shot ? let me tell you a little bit about just a few of the things you?ll learn inside:

? What most men do in conversation (and the mistakes they make) ? video 2
? Why most men talk TOO much (and that?s not a good thing) ? video 6
? What the 3 signs you?re on a bad topic are (and the 2 things you can do to get off of one) ? video 13
? Why drawing women in and getting them curious about your conversation is so important (and why men who don?t bother doing this usually end up going home alone) ? video 7
? How to pare down the whole drawn-out getting-to-know-you process to MINUTES instead of WEEKS and get women connecting to you EXTREMELY fast (without having to spend all your time or money) ? video 10
? What bridges and gaps are ? and why women are PUT OFF by the kind of conversation most men use (and how to start using the kind of conversation they RESPOND to!) ? video 8
? What the ?thread cutting? is (and why so many men who are beginners LOSE women by not using this) ? video 15
? How to use Chase Framing to get women turned on by you in a HURRY (and get yourself off the sidelines) ? video 17
? How applying the ?Law of Least Effort? with women makes you come across a lot more powerful, sexual, and attractive ? even when yo…

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