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Everyone is looking to increase their sales and make more money through the world of e-commerce.

The problem is that sometimes , it’s difficult to do. The conversion rates are quite low. Customers purchase items from carts, only to not complete the purchase.

For novices, it’s difficult to figure out what works best and there’s not lots of customers to conduct A/B tests. For those who have been around for a while, you’ve tried all kinds of things but feel that there’s still potential for improvement, such as more conversions, a higher average value of orders, and greater customers’ lifetime value.

In reality, there’s always the possibility of improvement when you are aware of where to search. The most successful brands test constantly to determine which changes bring the greatest profits. Of course, all testing has a price.

Most people will agree that paying $3,000 for an audit not much of a drop in the bucket. continuous testing of A/B through an agency can cost you around the equivalent of $10,000 per month. I’m sure of this because I’ve worked at the service provider’s end for a variety of agencies.

This obstacle to competition is the exact reason why I developed the swipe file for e-commerce. Swipe E-commerce is a great solution to fix the sales funnel of your store and ensure that your store is excellent condition without spending a fortune.

The strategies included in this file have been tried and tested to boost conversion rates as well as CLV, AOV and. Sortable by expected impact (medium to extremely high) as well as the level of difficulty to implement (1-5) You can quickly find things you can test.


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