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Nadim Kuttab
Increase overall sales the new way of scaling post iOS14
Final – Day 2 – Geekout – Nadim 25 min.pptx.pdf
Cody Iverson
Creating High Converting Creative Effortlessly
Cody Iverson.pdf
Van Oakes
The giveaway model and how it built an 8 figure business
Van Oakes – Kiev – Giveaway Advertising.pdf
John Hefter
Are you a giver or taker
John Hefter.pptx.pdf
Samir El-Sabini
The Smarter Way of Raising Capital
Samir El-Sabini.pdf
Maor Benaim
2021 Traffic Hacks For All Major Channel
Geekout-Kiev-2nd-Livestream-Traffic-hacks-2021-Maor Benaim.pptx.pdf
Greg Woodfield
2021’s Greatest SMS Plays
Greg Woodfield.pdf
Todor Minev
$20,000 to $500,000 on Amazon. Real Strategies for 2021 Growth
Todor Minev.pdf
Louis Lavedan
Driving Retention & Conversion Through Customer Experience
Louis Lavedan.pdf
Brat Vukovich & Ian Nagy
Over $30 Million spent on Youtube’s Top Performing Creative
Jordan Menard
Facebook Ads in 2021 in a nutshell: A practical account progression for now
JM GO1_ Ukraine Strategy.pdf


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