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About the course:

Free Parasite SEO Course (Repeatable Blueprint) – Learn how to leverage Parasite SEO to grow your website traffic using our step-by-step proven strategy!

What you’ll learn

  • How to rank top of Google overnight for competitive search queries.
  • How to rank for keywords that are unattainable on your own blog.
  • The exact strategies I use to rank for keywords in all niches.
  • How to rank top on Google without ever purchasing a backlink.
  • How to dominate niches in the SERPs without even owning your own blog.
  • How to do Parasite SEO correctly.
  • How to do Parasite SEO without spending a penny.
  • Harness AI tools to increase content production.
  • How to rank above your competitors by using Parasite SEO


Forrest is a blog owner, finding success with his first blog in the gardening niche which earned around 400 dollars per month. Following this success, Forrest built a blog in the finance niche and earned over $130,000 within 18 months – with 2 months surpassing 20,000 in profit per month.

Following this success, Forrest has leveraged Parasite SEO techniques to scale affiliate commissions and sales for his business and business associates by utilising his repeatable processes.

Are you looking to build a portfolio of keywords ranking on Google? Is your goal to have hundreds of blog posts ranking on Google, each earning you revenue and growing your passive income portfolio?

In this course, there is just over 1 hour of lectures in which you’ll be learning ‘over the shoulder’ exactly how to leverage Parasite SEO to skyrocket your rankings on Google – this is the first course of it’s kind on Udemy!

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Know exactly what Parasite SEO is and why you need to be using it
  • Understand how large SEO’s and companies use Parasite SEO to scale earnings
  • Understand how to succeed in Parasite SEO without spending a penny
  • Learn Forrest’s exact strategy to rank well on Google for competitive keywords in just days
  • Learn how to undertake keyword research for Parasite SEO
  • Know the exact websites used for free Parasite SEO
  • Understand how to write perfect blog content for Parasite SEO
  • Understand the power of occupying multiple positions in the SERP’s
  • Have hopefully published your first Parasite SEO blog post!

You’re obviously on the fence or seriously considering learning Parasite SEO, or you wouldn’t be reading this!

So, why should you start using Parasite SEO?

  • Rank for highly profitable keywords
  • Dominate keywords without even having your own website in the niche
  • Blog posts are digital assets that earn you passive income every day
  • Parasite blog posts are evergreen
  • Parasite SEO can be done for free
  • All subjects you’re passionate about can earn you money!
  • Parasite SEO isn’t technical or hard to do.
  • Owning 2 successful blogs and hundreds of Parasite SEO blog posts allowed Forrest to buy a property and change his life.

You’ll be watching and following along over Forrest’s shoulder as you start ranking blog posts on Google without all the upsells, fluff, noise and unsuccessful strategies. You’ll be using the tried and tested methods to get your blog content to rank highly on Google without spending thousands or months trying!

Sale Page: https://www.udemy.com/course/free-parasite-seo/

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