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Frank Kern – Mass Conversion Download

Mass Conversion is a four-week online training that shows you how to:
Determine the best type of lead magnet for attracting ideal customers.
Get the lead magnets created quickly.
Build the automated systems to capture leads online and send them marketing messages.
Use Ascension to cross-sell and up-sell existing customers.
Drive targeted traffic from qualified prospects using advertising.
Here’s how to get inside the mind of your prospects, begin the process of Celebrity positioning, and create the CORNERSTONE of your business: Your lead magnets.

Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn…
How to create money-magnet assets that attract perfect prospects while positioning you as a celebrity-authority.
Create a functional list-getting “machine” that pulls in prospects for you on autopilot.
Build automated, behavioral dynamic marketing campaigns that automatically convert new subscribers into buyers while positioning you as an authority and building goodwill.
Advanced NLP language patterns for hypnotic persuasion.
Templates for sales videos and sales letters that convert!
How to create group sales presentations that educate, engage, inspire, and SELL like crazy!
And much, much more!

Module 1: Creating Your Lead Magnets

Here’s how to get inside the mind of your prospects, begin the process of Celebrity positioning, and create the CORNERSTONE of your business: Your lead magnets.

Video 1: Our Grand Scheme REVEALED!
Video 2: 30,000 Foot View
Video 3: Getting Into The Mind of Your Customers
Video 4: Building Your Lead Magnets Part 1
Video 5: The FAST and EASY Way To Create Your Lead Magnet Content
Video 6: How To Get OTHER People To Do The Work FOR You!
Live Q&A Call – June Class
Q&A Call – August Class
Stragglers! (Q&A Video) – June Class

Module 2: Building Your Fanbase Factory

Creating Your List-Getting System

Video 1: Unlikely designs that convert like crazy!
Video 2: Process Map and what to do FIRST!
How to Create And Edit A Basic Video Pitch (For right after they opt in)
BONUS: How To Script Your VSL
BONUS: VSL Template And Walkthrough
Getting Your Video Online!
Getting Your Pitch Page Built In Five Minutes ????
How To Build Your Download Page In Five Minutes
THE ENGINE! (For Aweber Users)
THE ENGINE! (For Infusionsoft users)
Opt In Page #1 (The 2-Step!)
Opt In Page #2: Old Faithful!
Opt In Page #3: The Reverse Squeeze!
Opt In Page #4 The Ogilvy
Live Q&A Call- June Class
Q&A VIDEO – June Class
Q&A Call – August Class
Stragglers! August Class

Module 3: Creating Your Dynamic Campaigns

Turning Your Subscribers Into Customers (on AutoPilot)

Overview and COOL NEW TOYS!
The Blueprint And The Keys To Your Prospects Buying Behaviors
Creating The Content And The PITCHES For Your Promo
Getting The Pages Built
Deploying Your Goodwill Campaign STANDARD Method
Deploying Your Goodwill Campaign DYNAMIC Method (Part 1)
Deploying Your Goodwill Campaign DYNAMIC Method (Part 2)
Live Q&A Call – June Class
Q&A Video – June Class
Live Q&A Call – August Class

Module 4: Ascension!

The Angles of Approach, Revealed!
BLUEPRINT: How an “Angles” Campaign Works (In real time)
WALKTHROUGH! How to crank out Angles content that CONVERTS
HOW-TO: Build a beautiful content page with this great new tool.
AUTOMATION! How to automate your Angles Campaign
The Countdown Sequence Part II
Samurai Countdown!
Live Q&A Call – June Class
SUPER EASY Countdown Timer (And the prelude to Advanced Automation)
How To Do All This Stuff In AWEBER!
Live Q&A Call – August Class
The Best Advice I Could Possibly Give You


Building Your Business And Your Brand Through Targeted Traffic

How To Set Up Your Ads (Part 1)
How To Navigate The Ads Manager
Ninja Tactic #1: Keyword (audience) Segmentation
NA Secret #3 – Gender Banding
NA Secret #4 – Age Banding
NA Secret #5 – Dayparting
NA Secret #6 – Auto Ad Rotation (2)
NA Secret #7 – Headlines
NA Secret #8 – Length of Copy
NA Secret #9 – Retargeting
NA Secret #10 – Image No Nos
NA Secret #11 Image Yesses
NA Secret #12 – How To Scale WO Getting Screwed
NA Secret #13 – Highest Converting Ad Unit
NA Secret #14 – Placements
NA Secret #15 – Tracking Pixels
NA Secret #16 – Say No To Multiple Ads
NA Secret #17 – Demo & Psycho
Q&A Call – June Class
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BONUS! Advanced Automation Class

Advanced Automation Part 1: Using Dynamic Dates to add REAL Scarcity
Advanced Automation 2: Inserting The Dates Into An Email
How To Track Video Behavior!
Building The Email Campaign For Video Finishers

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