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The INSPIRE, INFLUENCEand SELL online course was specifically created specifically for Sales & Business professionals who seek to build an advantage in the market. Employing the proven growth methods as well as the principles and tools of the most-read book INSPIRE INFLUENCE SELL, this program can boost your team’s confidence as well as performance and deliver results.

The INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, and SELL online program was designed to be accompanied by video tutorials that help you apply the information as you progress within your job and connect with your customers. A lot of participants find it beneficial to study the program along with the best-selling book, and complete an Acceleration of Sales Scorecard.

The time and speed at which you complete depends on the’sales ability’ of your team and organization. This can range between weeks and months, implementation and results are the primary indicators of achievement. Take each step one step at a time and delight in learning the fundamentals as you understand the concepts. The material will be continuously updated to reflect the most current sales strategies and materials. The SMP is able to be used as a continuous’sales acceleration tool for your company.

Hi, I’m Justin Leigh

I’ve supervised some of the most efficient business and sales teams within the UK. I’ve been with some incredible Blue-Chip Companies. Today, I coach, train and provide consulting for many of the world’s most exciting and fast-growing companies around the globe!

They have an unfair competitive advantage’. They have the funds to invest in the highest quality training and coaching by experts in the field of trainers and coaches using the most advanced strategies to the world at present. They don’t just improve at Sales & Business, they become better in all aspects within their life!

When I founded my coaching and training business, I wanted to have a positive impact on people’s lives by empowering millions of sales and businesspeople. Help them to gain insight through the years of education development, coaching, and knowledge I’ve acquired over the course of my 25 years of sales and business.

I was constantly asking myself what I could do to ensure that this “World-class Sales Training and Coaching” available to more leaders and sales teams to ensure that they all get the same unfair advantage?

This is the reason why that these programs exist – so you’ll get the same unfair advantage in competition’.

You and your team could be top-of-the-line too! In sales, business and all aspects of life.

Welcome to the next step!

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