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Imagine a Life Where Exponential Growth and Success Happen In Your Life and Business Effortlessly…

And You Constantly Have to Ask Yourself: How Can It Be This Easy?


The rules of life, as you know them, don’t apply here. Forget everything you’ve learned or been taught about how life is supposed to work—the long hours, the hard work, the endless struggle, paying your dues, 10,000 hours…


How Good Are You Willing to Let Your Life Become?

And if you’re reading this then we’d be willing to bet
that your life is probably pretty good.

You have the freedom to create your life on your own terms, people admire the success you’ve achieved and you have a lifestyle that most people envy.


But Deep Down You Are Seeking Something More…

You know that even with everything you’ve accomplished, you’ve still got so much more room to grow—personally, professionally and spiritually—to have the kind of life and impact you’re here to create.

Have You Ever…

Experienced moments of flow and effortlessness in your life but can’t seem to figure out how to sustain them and find yourself being sucked into old patterns?

Felt like you are right on the cusp of getting to the next level in your life and business and want the shift into more growth and success to be effortless and stress-free?

Felt like even though you’ve invested huge amounts of time and energy into your business and personal growth that your life still isn’t quite where you’d hoped it would be?

Felt like you constantly have to hustle and work hard to be successful and are secretly afraid that it will all fall apart if you let go and try to relax and wish there was a better way?

Felt like you’re stuck at a plateau in your growth—like there are some deep inner blocks that are holding you back but you’re not exactly sure what they are or how to get past them.

Felt frustrated that success, opportunity and growth seem to come so effortlessly to other people but even though you’re working hard and doing everything right you just can’t seem to get it to happen for you?


We can relate.
We’ve been in each of those situations personally
and we know what they feel like.

But let’s back up a second.

Jackie Knechtel and Justin Faerman here, creators of the Flow Mastery methodology and pioneering researchers into the art and science of living in Flow Consciousness.

About 8 years ago we found
ourselves in the same position…

Jackie had a multiple six figure private autism practice where she made great money and had a huge impact on people’s lives.

Outwardly, she had it all together—she went sailing in the Hamptons on her days off and bought her first apartment at 26 years old.

Inwardly it was a different story…

You see, Jackie’s success was born from a deep feeling of emptiness and the desire to prove herself. She was a people pleasing, perfectionist, type-A, overachiever who was working insane hours and constantly stressed and burnt-out. She was a control freak who felt that if she didn’t micro manage everything in her life, it would all fall apart. Something needed to change. The message was received loud and clear when the constant anxiety led to chronic illness. It wasn’t until her brother’s death that she woke up and started to re-evaluate her life.

Justin had a dream-job where he built and was running a multi-million dollar division at one of the world’s top green technology companies.

He had a private office suite in a gorgeous historic garden, set his own hours, surfed regularly with the CEO and had a revenue share deal in the company’s growing profits.

But deep down…

He knew that this wasn’t his true passion and that he was destined for much bigger things. Despite the outward glamour and success, he felt trapped like a bird in a golden cage.  He craved the freedom to create his life on his own terms and knew things had to change… and fast. Everyday he spent at the company he felt like his soul was dying… but he was struggling to overcome the fear and uncertainty of letting it all go—the security, the money, the cushy lifestyle—to shift into a life more in alignment with his passions and dreams as a visionary entrepreneur and wisdom teacher.


On one level, life was good. On another level, there was a ton of room for growth.

And we both weren’t prepared to settle for anything less than our ideal lifestyle… maybe you can relate…

So we each went on a journey to discover why our lives were good, BUT NOT GREAT, why they weren’t working the way we had hoped and what needed to happen to make the shift.

And in the process of going deep within our own hearts and minds to search for answers and working closely with the world’s top coaches, healers and spiritual teachers…

We stumbled onto a very powerful, little-known way of living that we’ve since come to call ‘The Flow.’

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