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I used to devote my time instructing via live, physical seminars. There’s only a certain number of people I could reach via this method. This is why I’ve made the move to online teaching. I’ve invested a huge amount of time and effort into developing the course, its method of learning and the structure for it to be as efficient as is possible. It’s actually more efficient than a live lecture. This is due to the fact that you are able to stop and repeat at specific moments when you require time to process.

The One Core Program is a program that doesn’t leave anything out. I wanted to do my best effort into making something that could be used for generations to come. Perhaps even be referred to as an industry classic 40 years from now.

Within this course, I’ll share all of my methods that I have developed and the tools I personally utilize. I’ve spent thousands of dollars to have it tailored to my needs and am offering my full effort for this training program.

If I say that I’m completely honest I’m 100% honest. Here’s where I will share all the years of victories and loss. What I’ve learned about what works and what doesn’t. This includes the creation of an expert trader, the activities that we carry out behind-the-scenes, our mindset and execution techniques and exit strategies… What do you need to know can you make huge profits trading (very very few traders actually achieve this).

Many traders and gurus show their students systems that generate an average of 10% in a year. By market standards this is pretty decent. Because it’s more than the fixed rates for deposits that our banks offer us.

But does it bring you wealth? Hardly…

If you’re spending time studying this art of trading to earn those kinds of profits, you may prefer to invest your money into a stock index, for instance the S&P500. It has had an average annual yield of 9.8 percent over the past 90 years.

Why should you spend your time learning something that will not yield an increase in your return that the stock market?

The sole reason we trade is that, if done correctly it can be a great way to earn you a lot of cash.

It’s the reason you’re here to do. That’s why I’ve put an enormous amount of effort into the creation of this program.

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