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Explainer Video Script Template Free Download

Probably, we shouldn’t argue with the master, and better take his word for it. To create a video of any kind you need to write a script first. And this effort always pays off.

Although you hopefully ain’t going to create Vertigo-like movies for your marketing campaigns, the importance of thorough planning and screenplay writing doesn’t go anywhere. The script is a backbone for your video, your time-saver and cost-cutter.

  • what is a script;
  • why it is a must-have document for any video project;
  • how to come up with an outline for an explainer video, one of the best performing types of marketing videos;
  • how to create your first script using our Explainer Video Script Template.

Let’s start!

What is a video script and why do you need it?

Video script is a document that comprises a chronological run-down of scenes, shots, actions and dialogues specifying who is saying and doing what and when.

Plus, it features all other elements such as

  • time of day,
  • set dressing,
  • camera direction,
  • shot transitions,
  • clothing,
  • sound effects,
  • and many more other circumstances that affect the impression.

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