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Today’s B2B buyer is challenged by a more complex buying journey, with more stakeholders, lengthening decision cycles, and no decisions.

In order to help buyers navigate this journey, sellers and marketers are evolving from pitch to purpose, providing the right content, tools and intelligence to better communicate and quantify business value outcomes and drive faster purchase decisions. However, the evolution is not without challenges.

What if you had a roadmap to guide you on this difficult journey?

This book on Evolved Selling is designed to help you navigate from pitch to purpose, highlighting the best path, and illuminating the dangers so you can survive the process, stronger and better.

Evolved Selling simply and effectively guides you through a Sales Transformation Journey through the 4 I’s of Evolved Selling:

  • Inspire: leveraging a time honored value storytelling technique originally developed by Aristotle, and confirmed by modern neuroscience, to motivate buyers from “do nothing” to “yes”.
  • Influence: learning how sellers can better access the right value-focused content at the right time in the right format to motivate buyers forward at pivotal moments during every conversation.
  • Interact: Understanding how you can deliver data-driven interactive sales and marketing tools like diagnostic assessments, ROI and TCO calculators to foster collaborative discovery and financial justification.
  • Intelligent: Providing integration, tracking and insights with machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand best outcomes and optimize each next best sales effort.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn directly from leading analysts and the success and pitfalls of those who have made the Evolved Selling journey including: ADP, MillerCoors, PepsiCo, Splunk, and Workday.

This Evolved Selling book provides an in-depth analysis into each of the 4 I’s to help fuel conversations, improve win rates, increase deal size and accelerate sales cycles.

Designed for sales leaders, sales enablement professionals, content marketers and value consultants / engineers, this book is the definitive guide on how to use your unique value, content and customer intelligence to engage and sell better.”

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