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Over the past 14 months, my Twitter account has grown from 150 to 24,000 followers (now 60,000+). How did I do it?First, the backstory: Last year I left a cushy job at Amazon to work for myself. But then I realized that my reputation only existed at the companies I’d worked for. I was practically unknown to the rest of the world.I was determined to get some attention, but I was new to this kind of work. I had never posted on Twitter, never had a Facebook account, had no social media experience, and didn’t have a marketing background.I settled on Twitter as my platform for experimenting. Being new, I wasted a lot of time trying things that didn’t work. But in that process, I stumbled on an approach that did work, and really well. And every other account I’ve seen that followed my approach has been successful at growing an audience from scratch and getting a lot of engagement.In this video course, I’ll show you how I built my Twitter audience, and how you can do it too. My Twitter account might be the most valuable asset I own, and there is no better time than now to start building yours.
Intro – 0:00
Credibility – 06:01
Measure of Success – 22:18
Twitter Funnel – 31:23
Make People Find You – 36:26
Bio – 45:10
Real Name vs Pseudonym – 50:19
How to Tweet – 54:47
Engagement – 61:40
Inspiration – 74:38
What Not to Tweet – 81:15
What Not to Do – 86:51
Recap: Starter Strategy – 96:04
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes.

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Praise from others
“This course completely changed how I use Twitter. I gained 8,000 followers in a month following the strategies that Daniel suggests.”

— Randall Kanna (@RandallKanna)
“I was stagnant at just over 4,300 followers since 2014 when I sold my business and no longer used twitter for it. Since implementing some of your advice I started making more connections and have had great conversations. I broke 5,000 followers today. ?”

— Michelle Priest (@MichelleAPriest)
“Since taking this course by @dvassallo, I have:

* Nearly doubled my Twitter followers

* Received 90% of my blog traffic from Twitter

* Sold more books

* Made new friends (through engagement)

He knows what works!”

— Hassan Osman (@HassanO)
“I bought it last week, paused it when you talked about building credibility first. And immediately wrote a blog post that currently has 89 k views and got 416 new followers on twitter and 59 on gumroad ?. And what motivated me was the first 30 min of this course!”

— Santiago Víquez (@santiviquez)
“I’ve studied three Twitter products and this was the best. Mostly because it doesn’t advocate shady tactics, instead shows you how to grow a real organic engaged following.”

— Robin Stanley (@robinstanley)
“I never plug products. I made an exception for this because I’ve benefitted greatly from it. Almost 600% follower growth in 45 days. Importantly, I now understand why having a Twitter audience is valuable. This is essential.”

— John (@elamje)
“Review: I’ve been following for a few wks now. The course is solid! I initially thought the reviews were overhyped — if you’ve bought courses online, you’d know — but it’s pretty spot on. The content, the delivery, and how you went straight to the point. So refreshing!”

— Life-Tech-Psych Tips (@LifeTechPsych)
“You are amazing, I just finished watching it and taking notes. It is a very interesting and useful course. Thank you.”

— عـ بـ د ا لـ كـ ر يـ م #متكّي_في_البيت (@AbdulkareemJabr)
“I bought this—first time I’ve ever purchased something like this. It was because of *credibility*—I’ve watched your account grow and enjoyed your tweets. But my favorite takeaway from the entire course… ‘You need to be interesting in real life to be interesting on Twitter.’”

— Geoff Roberts (@GeoffTRoberts)
“I enjoyed @dvassallo ‘everyone can build a twitter audience’ it was backed by what he experienced personally and I think the concepts can apply to most platforms”

— Dom Vacchiano (@DomVacchiano)
“Just finished @dvassallo’s Build a Twitter Audience course and loved it. Here’s 3 takeaways:

* People will only listen if you have credibility

* Reply to other’s tweets by turning on tweet notifications

* Give a lot before you ask

Time to get to work”

— Blake Reichmann (@lbreichmann)
“Just got @dvassallo ‘s video course and watched the full content instantly ?

A good way to break you in into things that you should and should not do

This is the start of my twitter journey and wanted to tweet this out to keep myself accountable ?.”

— Grohs Fabian (@grohsfabian)
“Also took @dvassallo course on how to build an audience. Great resourse and a blueprint for those like me starting this journey. Step by step guide on how to grow from 0 and engage with your followers.

5 stars

I decided to put that into action and we’ll see how it goes ?”

— Manuel Marcano (@manuelmrcno)
“I’m sure you get this a lot @dvassallo, but this course really changed the game for me on Twitter. From almost no activity a week ago to struggling to keep up with replies today.”

— Matt Geri (@MattGeri)

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