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Eric Thayne – Six Figure Filmmaker UP1 Download

You Too Can Become A Full Time Videographer And Make Minimum $10k Per Project

If You Follow This Proven Step-By-Step System

Six Figure Filmmaker is a personalized coaching program designed to help you go full time with your video business in the next 12 months,
and make at least $10k on every project you do, even if you don’t have the best camera or if there are no good clients in your area.
Six Figure Filmmaker is a personalized coaching program designed to help you go full time with your video business in the next 12 months,
and make at least $10k on every project you do… EVEN if you don’t have the best camera OR if there are no good clients in your area.
And if you’re already full time, then you’ll be able to scale your business to six figures and beyond!
So here’s what you’re gonna get:
The 8 Week “Cinema Mastery” Masterclass
($1997 VALUE)
When I was learning cinematography I became obsessed with analyzing Hollywood movies.
(To be honest I couldn’t even hardly enjoy them anymore…)
But I loved how they had this amazing unique look to them.
And I wanted to learn how to adapt that to my commercial work.
Learning that skill was what helped me to separate myself from the sea of videographers I was competing with, and catapulted my business to 6 figures.
So a couple years ago I put together an 8 Week LIVE training for just a handful of filmmakers to teach them the exact same things.
So they too could learn how to create cinematic work that would make them stand out from the crowd.
Each of the 10 filmmakers who joined paid $1,000 to go through this class.
And now I’m giving you ALL of the recordings from this event, plus TONS more content including:
• Behind The Scenes videos so you can see exactly how I work on set and be more confident on your own sets
• My favorite camera and gear recommendations so you know exactly what to buy for your skill level
• Business advice and tips to get your business set up correctly and develop the right mindset working with clients
So you can see exactly how I create cinematic looking videos for clients.
And you too can channel your videography, make it look cinematic, and set yourself apart from the masses.
The “Perfect Passion Project” Blueprint
($1997 VALUE)
If you’re worried that you don’t have enough experience or a good enough camera to create amazing projects for your portfolio, the Perfect Passion Project Blueprint is for you.
When Elizabeth created her first passion project, she had very little experience shooting and didn’t even own a camera.
But by following the right process, she was able to create her amazing BOSE video that landed her a $34,000 client.
Now I’ve taken the exact process that I walked her through, and I’ve developed it into a fully fleshed out system.
So now any videographer can follow the step-by-step instructions to create amazing videos for their portfolio.
Even if you don’t have much experience or don’t even own a camera!
Each step of the process is detailed with video explanations, worksheets, checklists, and more to help you do it too.
PLUS, at the beginning of 2019 I will personally be stepping through the process with you to create my own passion project.
I’ll document the entire process so you can see how I do it.
And then you can follow the same process to create your own.
The Six Figure Filmmaker Course
($1997 VALUE)
With Cinema Mastery I’ve been successful selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products and services to filmmakers.
Most of these filmmakers don’t know anything about me when they start.
Yet somehow they go through a process of getting to know me and eventually buying services from me.
This process is a very calculated system that I’ve designed to attract clients, build a relationship with them, and get them to hire me.
So I’m releasing a brand new course outlining exactly how I do it.
So you can take the exact same systems that I’ve used to sell over $500,000 in services and use it to scale your filmmaking business to six figures and beyond.
The “Six Figure Framework” Portal
($2497 VALUE)
With Six Figure Filmmaker you get access to a LOT of resources.
But I don’t want you to get overwhelmed.
So rather than just diving in and getting lost in all the material.
I’ve created a step-by-step framework for you to follow, broken down into easy milestones, so you can easily track your progress.
The milestones will take you from wherever you are now, and show you every step to take to become a full time videographer, make $10k+ for every project, and build a six figure business.
Each milestone is broken down into actionable steps:
• Videos explaining what to do and how to do it
• Check lists with step by step “to-dos”
• And activities and exercises to keep you motivated and on track to reach your goals
So you never have to guess what do next.
You just follow the framework.
PLUS, the framework is broken down into three distinct phases, depending on where you are in your business right now.
Because growing a business requires you to focus on new things at every level.
Which means the things that got you where you are now won’t get you where you want to be.
The “Six Figure Framework” Portal will give you all the information you need to take steps toward your goal every single day.
Deep Dive Private Coaching Call
($1000 VALUE)
This is a tailored-fit program that is custom designed to YOU.
So whether you’re wondering where you fit in the six-figure framework, or you’re not sure where to start…
I want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.
Which is why when you sign up for the Six Figure Filmmaker coaching program, you’ll get a 30-minute personal coaching session with me.
We’ll talk about where you are right now, what dreams and goals you have, and what you want to achieve as a filmmaker.
And then I’ll put together a custom-tailored roadmap specifically for you, so you can achieve the dreams you have.

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